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Then we will see how to activate offline without an Internet connection in an extremely simple manner and in a few steps.

Outlook has many interesting tips to improve our experience using it. Send and receive emails is something very basic that is used to describe the service, but has some notable advantages.

How to activate without an Internet connection function Offline

you know you can use Outlook without Internet ? This way, you can continue to work as usual and once you reconnect to the network can send all the emails had expected.

This is something very positive, especially for those traveling too much and want to save time in preparing mails sent. This way you can prepare, store and send when connected without any problems.

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A little further down, we will see how to enable this feature and you will appreciate that it is extremely easy to do. should not take more than a few minutes, so that all information is downloaded to your computer and can use Outlook without an Internet connection.

Enable offline functionality

  • The first thing we do is enter the
  • After this we will log as it usually would with your username and password.
  • Once connected, we will go to the icon of the pinion which is in the upper right corner of the screen and a menu appears.
  • In this menu, we will move to the option that says “ Offline Settings “.
  • A confirmation message that we have to accept to move forward is displayed.
  • After this Outlook says that data will be stored on your computer. If you share your computer with others, Ideally would not activate this mode , since everyone can have access to passwords and information.
  • At the end warns that the need Storage to download all messages, backup all the information from our account. So it may take some time depending precisely in this sense, the amount of information you need to download.

How to use the offline Outlook

The offline feature allows Outlook Access our Post e without needing to be connected to the Internet . This is pretty good when we travel with a laptop or similar situations where we do not have Internet access, can continue to work without any problems.

In short, we can do almost everything we normally when working with an Internet connection. Preparation of shipments, edit contacts, view and edit the calendar , etc. All we can do is to search for specific positions and will be able to see the primary calendar.

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Another little thing you should consider is that see up to 150 emails stored on your computer . No more than that. If you want to prepare emails while you are offline, once again connected to the Internet, the account will be updated to send emails that you have prepared.

This is a very pleasant experience, very comfortable for many situations. Thus, even in offline mode can usually continue working until a place where they can connect to the Internet to send all messages.

In addition, to activate the function without Internet connection offline in Outlook Watch as he read articles on how to get me to Outlook notify when new emails .

Remember that if you have any kind of problems or concerns about How to enable offline functionality in Outlook . You can leave it in the comment box you can see a little further down and we will be happy to help in whatever is needed.

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