How To Increase Or Enlarge The Size Of The Eraser Rubber Or Paint In Windows 10

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In the article we will see, we will see how to increase or enlarge the size of the rubber or eraser Paint in Windows 10 with two methods quite easy to carry out.

Before starting we recommend you have the Paint program updated to its latest version to work comfortably in the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Increase or larger size Goma or Draft Paint in Windows 10

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Paint is one of the oldest programs is included in the operating system Microsoft href=»»> . Currently it does not have much use and is integrated into the OS more than anything for a theme of nostalgia because there are more complex programs.

However, every so often is not a bad idea to have some fun drawing with this tool. More than anything to get kids make your imagination on your computer in a healthy way without both YouTube involved.

For this reason, we will see a simple tutorial to not only learn to increase or enlarge the size of the eraser in Paint but also other tools.

If you do not like the new rafters Paint program should know that there is a way back to the classic version of the program even if you have Windows operating system 1o.

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How to increase the size of the rubber Paint

  • Open Paint from the Windows Start menu. Press the « Windows » key on your physical keyboard and then type « Paint » da «Enter» and you have the program open.
  • Now you need to click on the icon shaped eraser called « Drafts «.
  • Right off the bat the range you have to delete is quite small, then to enlarge the only thing we have to do is click on the icon that says « Size » that is very near colors.
  • Click here giving a small menu appears with several preset sizes can be selected.
  • However, if these sizes do not meet your needs you can do is to let down the Ctrl key and repeatedly pressing the «+» sign on your keyboard to enlarge the rubber of delete. In case you want to decrease their size only thing you should do is to press the sign «-«. holding down the Ctrl key
  • If you’re from a laptop that does not have keypad. What you can do is use the « screen keyboard » to meet the target.
  • You can go to « Home » or press the « Windows » key on your keyboard and then type « On-screen keyboard » to use. If such onscreen keyboard has not enabled by default keypad you have to do is click « Options » and activate it.

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How to enlarge the size of the draft Paint in Windows 10

This way you can increase or enlarge the size of the eraser or eraser Paint in Windows 10 . It is quite simple and we must add is that it works for almost any process tool program.

For example, if you want to enlarge a brush or pencil so you can do using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl with the «+» or «-» this can so manipulate the size of all tools this old program and meet your needs.

can paint and draw faster and original way. It is quite practical and above all very quick to carry out.

To give you a slight idea can draw amazing things in Paint with a little patience and above all very practical things. There are many people who engage in this way drawing with Paint. It is a simple program that today for many things has been too limited and it still maintains Microsoft Windows for nostalgia more than anything.

However, the practice and knowledge , you can create amazing things with such a basic and simple tool. The imagination always ends up being the key to everything.

As you change and increase the size of the eraser in the Paint program, so can increase the size paint brushes

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