Checking my Paypal account with a credit or debit card

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The ways to manage our money have changed with the passing of the years have sought new options to make it much easier transactions with the use of the internet has been a tool with immense potential for this.

Thus, there have been constant changes and corrections systems transfer money via online in order to safer them, this is because of the attacks constant cyber that have been made several times.

As online banking systems are the most susceptible have been devised mechanisms to give customers peace of mind that your money will be safe . This is the only way that people can be calm and able to invest in these seats.

What I am and why should I check my PayPal account?

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With the passing of time have been developing companies operating money transfer, PayPal is one of them, but it is also the most effective and its reliable time to perform such operations.

Founded in late 1998, is currently one of the strongest and consolidated worldwide in the area of ​​money transactions is concerned, this is because PayPal has been characterized by being in constant development, in order to make life time safer and more efficient .

In this way, they can ensure their customers to use their platform to manage your money will be a good choice. Methods using PayPal accounts to keep their customers safe are among the most effective in the world.

For this reason, it is necessary make a record prior to the online platform PayPal, then we will record email and password with which we can access when you want.

But transfer money from one account to another or for transactions need to perform additional steps.

These steps are is to make an affiliation of our credit card or because to our PayPal account, this action is indispensable, since it is the only way the company can ensure that money being transferred is real and has support.

With this course, you must know what are the steps that must be made to recruit our credit card or debit card, this way, we will be able to tap the potential that PayPal has to offer .

In this article, we will learn which are each and every one of the steps we must take to verify my PayPal account with a credit or debit card.

Steps to verify my PayPal account with a credit or debit card

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The first thing to do is access our confidence browser then go to the official platform PayPal e < strong> login with our email and password. In this way, we will enter our account and we are ready to perform the following steps.

At the top of the screen we see a number of options, we find and select the «portfolio» option. We then turn to the left side of the screen and sectioned «Associating credit card or debit card ‘.

We choose if we want to associate a credit card or a debit card and we click «Next» now we will see a window where we enter our data card.

In the first box we write the number of our card, then choose the type of card you want to enroll. In the next box we place the expiration date, then enter the code of our card.

We click «Associating card ‘ and we must leave a notice that is associated with the card but we need a way to give it in» Ready «. Will click where our card on the left side and then «Check Card» .

We click «Send code» , this will come to our statement, then introduce where requested.

Finally it is important to mention that PayPal has excellent security, the same as enables its users to feel confident when using this platform as well as provide all data correctly, will not have any problem at the time and check.

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