What Is Paypal? | How To Receive Money In Paypal?

need to send or receive money without paying commission abroad with PayPal. And then you wonder what is PayPal? and how I can receive money in PayPal? Do not worry, in this post we will explain What is PayPal ?, How to receive money in PayPal?

What is PayPal?

virtual wallet dedicated to process payments and transfers from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Even in some countries may limit or deslimitar shipments and cash withdrawals . This platform was founded in 1998 and since then has won many users and is the most popular among similar platforms.

The main objective is to mobilize money PayPal electronic form; therefore, payments can shop online and send and receive money through national or international transfers immediately.

To enjoy the PayPal service you just have to have a email ; is a safe method because the financial data of each user are kept private, it is not necessary to share with the recipient. This platform has been characterized by providing its users with great safety and comfort.

Advantages of using PayPal:

  • Opening a PayPal account is very simple ; you just need to enter an email and give some personal information.
  • can verify your PayPal account with a credit card or debit in a few steps.
  • Safe system ; as your banking details are protected by an automatic encryption and advanced systems implemented PayPal fraud.
  • simple platform to use . For example; If you want to receive transfers only the recipient must give your email address associated with PayPal at any time you ask for personal information or financial.
  • Free service for buyers using PayPal.

 paypal account cell

  • Its biggest advantage is that immediately becomes effective money ; you do not have to wait days for a transfer.
  • PayPal has an extensive international market and more than 200 million users enjoy using this service.
  • Purchases eligible are covered by the guarantee of protection to the buyer that PayPal offers.
  • Service PayPal is accepted in a lot of online shopping and apps ; as Uber, Microsoft, Spotify, Adidas, Puma, among others.
  • With PayPal you can change currency ; ie can convert one currency into another just instantly must pay a small fee.
  • You can use PayPal from mobile.
  • In your PayPal account can save large amounts of money ; but for that you need to associate a credit card.

How to receive money in PayPal?

To receive money in your PayPal account, you should only give the address of email you registered with PayPal. you currently receive payments using PayPal.Me .

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This system consists of sharing a personal link; then the only recipient clicks, input type, sign in and receive money within seconds on your PayPal account. Here’s how to create a link:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account; If you do not have an account on this platform must create one, you just have to enter the email, password and fill out a short form.
  2. When you enter the homepage of PayPal, locate the “Create a link PayPal.Me” and click there.
  3. Click on “ create profile PayPal.Me» .
  4. Click ‘Add Photo’ and will appear a window where you select the photo you want to hang up. You can also click “Not now.”
  5. Creates a link, the name of the link should be easy to remember and can write whatever you want. Then click Next.
  6. Check the box where you accept that your link shows other PayPal users.
  7. Click “Accept and create” .
  8. Remember copy the link so you do not forget.


    • PayPal will inform you by email that funds are already accredited to your account.
    • Although you do not need a bank account registered to receive money; if necessary to link an account if what you want is to withdraw the funds. Keep in mind that the bank account holder must be the same PayPal account.
    • When a PayPal user you make a payment (international or national) that money will be effective immediately .

    payPal transactions

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    Do not hesitate and start enjoying the benefits today offers you have a PayPal account. And in case you want to set up your account to present a different trade name , PayPal gives you the opportunity to do in a few steps.

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