How To Add A File Or Folder Into A Zip Easily In Windows 10?


At present, most entrepreneurs or developers file need light for operations . For this reason, it is essential to know to add a file or folder into a ZIP file Windows 10.

It is no secret that the files in this format are great allies to compress a series of documents, images or videos on a computer. The number of elements can be provided that the consumer required, making it one of the selected area.

It is also valid to note that can perform modifications or changes once the package is compressed and stored in ZIP.

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Sometimes you can find href = «»> ZIP files damaged

step by step guide to add a file or folder into a ZIP file in Windows 10

Many customers think that the integration of a new document should be clear all the Details and re-compress, clearly something wrong. For this it is necessary to follow the following path:

  • The first step is to place the cursor on the document or image that you want included in the compressed folder.
  • Then press the right mouse button, it displays a list of tools which says that « Send documents to a … » will be located.
  • When pressed, will proceed to seek the tablet and click «OK.» You must wait for the process and you are in the folder.

It is important that the user know that the addition of a file or folder into a ZIP file in Windows 10   can add or remove files . Just as it will take a little more than others, but this is a subject of value to weight the value to select.

In Windows 10, you can find many programs and applications to open compressed files ZIP.

ZIP file

how can you create a ZIP file?

In fact, creating a ZIP file is one of the easiest things to do, it is based on the following steps:

  • The first step is to locate the documents properly in a single folder. It is valid to include other folders in the internal content.
  • Then press the right button on the folder and select the section entitled « Add File «. It is very important that the information area, select the .rar or .zip.
  • Immediately to create or add a file or folder into a ZIP file in Windows 10, the computer will make all relevant changes will take a few seconds.
  • Finally, the user will be in the office where a new folder with the ZIP format. Otherwise there may be the execution path is the source folder.

Once you have your ZIP or RAR file ready can easily send the file via WhatsApp.

How do I delete an item in? Compressed ZIP

This procedure is similar to that made to add a file or folder into a ZIP file in Windows 10. However, it is to delete a file as follows:

  • The first thing is to open the tablet or folder that has been compressed. Once inside, you must place the cursor on the document.
  • Now you press the right button on the file or folder is not required in the compressed ZIP. Immediately, a list of tools will be deployed, you must locate that says « Delete Files » or use the « Delete «.
  • Then you get a support box «warning, if you are confident again press» Yes «to confirm and delete.


ZIP file Benefits

A the same as any other ZIP documentation tool are characterized by including the following series of advantages:

  • tablets feature allows documents to be lighter, so your display or transmission is quite simple.
  • Can be compatible with any operating system and is an important value for joint ventures and enterprises with midrange technology .
  • Optimizes the time of reception and transmission, as all the data is in a single compressed file.

If you have compressed files with passwords, there are programs that allow you to unpack and the RAR or ZIP.

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