Changing The Language Of Adobe After Effects From English To Spanish

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The multimedia content has become an important part of our daily lives. We always see this kind of content, whether on television as TV series or trade; or advertising posters from the streets.

Anyway, the multimedia content is here to stay and is an integral part of the technology. That is why many people have taken taste for handling this type of content. Especially in the business world, where you want to earn money through platforms like Youtube .

Changing the Language of Adobe After Effects from English to Spanish

Always looking for skilled people in managing the content Media . It’s almost a gift to have a good taste when you can edit all kinds of multimedia content and give an aesthetically pleasing manner. Much of this is based on marketing and advertising many of these pieces.

So, it is always good to have training to edit and manage this content if what you want is to have mastery over it. To handle all this content, large amounts of editing programs are used.

Many of these programs vary aspects, accessories and possibilities. And among the most commonly used for this type of content are all Adobe programs. From the best alternatives to Lightroom tools Photoshop, Adobe programs all have a place in the arsenal of multimedia content editor. Everything can always be improved and Adobe gives you the tools for that.

That is why, there is Adobe AfterEffects, A program that focuses on editing all types of content, emphasizing the composition as a final product. It really is a very useful program for all people who are dedicated to animation or making short films.

But, as usual with this type of program can be unintuitive if you are in another language. This is due to how complicated it can become these programs.

For the latter, if you have your program AfterEffects in English and Spanish need to change it, you may have some difficulties. But see below how you can change it.

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The problem in changing the language

When we refer above that can run with some difficulty to change the language of Adobe AfterEffects , it is because there is a command or a particular option within the program through which you can change the language directly. It can be a big problem this, and you may end up not knowing how to use the program properly.

And, apparently, the only way that there seems to change language is reinstalling the program, which can be a bit counterproductive or complicated.

But you can change the language without having to go through this ordeal. Instead of focusing sneak around whether or not you have the options to change language, you can actually make another small procedure to have all this amazing program directly to Spanish .

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Changing the language

To change language AfterEffects to Spanish from English, you must make a minor modification to the original files of the program. For this, you need to enter the Program Files folder that’s on your hard drive. Although this will parezcaun bit complicated, it is not.

Within this you must go to the Adobe & gt route, Adobe AfterEffects C56 & gt; Support Files & gt; AMTLanguages ​​. Here you will find a document straight that says “en_US” . All you have to do is change this name and instead they put “en_US” and Adobe AfterEffects your language should be forced to switch to Spanish.

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