How To Convert Text To Voice Completely Free Loquendo

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Since the beginning of information the world has evolved significantly; companies have focused on designing tools that make us much more practical life. And there are new companies with innovative ideas like allowing send voice notes with voices modified on Facebook or WhatsApp.

How to Convert Text to Voice of Loquendo Totally Free

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Every time surprise us with new very advanced softwares as well as practical. All this has represented a great advantage for us, because we have access to lots of softwares and programs.

As for text and audio services can have a variety of software, specializing in the subject. Usually we have known tools that can transcribe audio voice text even convert text to voice online MP3 .

To our advantage as there are programs that can do this job, best of all is that we can access them for free. Remember also that may need to improve the quality of the audio recording of your voice.

How to convert text to voice completely free Loquendo?

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One of the tools used currently play voices is the Loquendo software, founded as a company in 2001. This program was created in order to provide a its users the ability to interact seamlessly with their devices.

This has the ability to make our devices talk to us with an artificial voice. This by voices previously saved data on your system, and the ability to convert text to speech.

services offered by Loquendo are currently in many of the things we use on a daily basis, for example in eBook , video game software, services GPS , ATMs , smartphones, among others.

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All this is possible thanks to its main function of converting voice data, giving us the opportunity to communicate with our devices. So how are you, too Loquendo is presented in the form of a program which can download our devices.

With so many amazing tools such as the ability to convert text to voice a desire in us we configure. Best of all is that we can download this program for free.

In this way we decided to do this article, in order to teach them how to convert text to voice Loquendo free. For them we must follow each and every one of the steps indicated below.

Steps to convert text into speech using Loquendo

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Loquendo already being pre-installed on our computers, it is very easy to convert text into audio. For them the first step we must do is open the Loquendo , program and we hope to load the main screen.

It can be seen that has a very simple and user-friendly interface with few but very necessary functions. If you want to convert some audio text should give click on the blank that covers much of the screen.

Then write the text you wish , we see that the blade is very large so we can write whatever we want. Written and headed to the top where is the bar of voices, we click and choose the voice of our preference .

Then we click on the bar that follows in this choose the Language , here we can see that there are different accents we select that we desire. Now we click on the Play , and automatically voice we have set will be played .

If you do not like it as it has been, we return us to the first bar. We click and change the voice, we play again and hear the text you write with the voice that just selected.

Having already found the voice you want and have written the text you want, have the option to save it as an audio file. To do this we will click on the Save audio button located at the top of the bar voices.

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You will leave a box, this must click on the top bar, there we choose where we want to be saved . In the bottom bar we put the name you want, audio files will be saved with extensión.wap finally we click Save .

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