How To Convert Videos To Any Format Using Adobe Media Encoder

A video may contain information important enough or interesting enough to try save it in a different format to share without problems of incompatibility with other equipment, devices or platforms. So today you will learn how to convert videos to any format.

To this end has produced many programs that are available for convert videos web. Since more than a whim, it has become a necessity.

Whether for reasons of weight or any other, it is worth knowing what tools can be used for converting videos to any other format . And that is precisely what you will learn at this time.

Using Adobe Media Encoder

One of those tools belongs to the company Adobe, which has been noted for its extraordinary programs, essential in the editing audiovisual content , as well as the design and layout of web pages, books, among others.

 Adobe Media Encoder

A check more can add to your list the company with the launch of a program that will help you convert your favorite videos to any other format thanks to its extraordinary export system and coding … convert videos to other formats never had done so professionally.

The Importance of formats

The platforms you use daily require that the files you want to share have some features, and videos are no strangers to these requirements .

Although surely have shared a lot of multimedia content types previously without major problems, it is important, likewise, be aware that there are hundreds of video formats used for each case. Also, not all formats are supported in any application, so it is important to learn how to convert your videos in any format.

How many types of format there?

To Android, iOS, YouTube, to mail or any other channel, absolutely every platform can have a favorite video format to ensure reproduction without major problems.

  • One of the most widely used formats today is H.264, the preferred format for all those Internet platforms whose main stronger video playback.
  • The AVI, moreover, is one of the most commonly used formats for movies and series. The only disadvantage of this format is the large size they usually have this kind of videos.
  • The great competition of the AVI is the MKV format , which can store 3D content and different audio tracks.
  • Meanwhile, the MOV format allows playback of high quality videos … an ideal format for recordings made by iPhone. Is not for less, the developer of this format is precisely Apple .

The process of converting video formats

To change the format of a video through the tools Adobe Media Encoder puts for you, must follow a series of simple and effective steps, which are shown below:

 video format conversion

  1. Installed and open the program, select a video and drag it to the main panel Adobe Media Encoder.
  2. At the right side of your screen to tell you a huge list indicates the different types of formats to convert, among which are: H.264, Android, Apple, QuickTime, YouTube, each with < strong> different kinds of resolution , from the highest to the lowest.
  3. Select the format of your choice and drag it to the left of your screen.
  4. With the above action, it appears both the format you have selected as the original format of the video, which you can delete.
  5. Click on the output path that appears in the “Output file” .
  6. Assign a name to the video.
  7. Click on “Save”.
  8. Locate and click on the “Play” button.

You know convert videos with Adobe Media Encoder!

So it only remains to wait for Adobe Media Encoder make the export process. Once this process is complete, you can go to the folder you selected as output path and there you will find the video in two formats.

You see how easy it is? This is the most effective way and assign professional new formats to your videos and files . Adjusting to the demands and requirements of the different internet platforms, or even your Smartphone. What do you hope to use Adobe Media Encoder?

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