How To Convert Mkv Video To Avi Format Without Losing Quality Without Programs?

 change MKV to mp4 avi mov

When it comes to multimedia content, usually is expressed in different types of files. It is common for users wishing MKV to AVI without losing quality.

How to Convert MKV video to AVI format without losing quality without programs

Throughout the use and surfing the Internet, we visualizing and discovering downloadable content, in which videos are included.

As we stated above, videos have different formats depending on the extent they need.

Today you can How to record, edit and render a video to weigh less. Also, it is render a video scope or 1080P 720P 60fps without losing quality.

Note that this is not cause for alarm. These common extensions have been commissioned to be consistent and reproducible in everyday devices.

How can we define each format?

Today, most videos are limited to be transformed three main formats. MP4, MKV and AVI

Although the latter two are used to cover audio and video files, each highlighting to differentiate when used for avoid errors.

Format AVI

Its name originates from the term Audio Video Interleav. is a format developed by Microsoft for your operating system.

Originated from the exchange of the RIFF format which was owned by IBM and Microsoft is a file that is characterized by its quality to adjust the degree of compression you have.

Format MKV

Being a set of initials of the Matroska , is characterized as a multimedia container file. It is able to store a number of data within a different content.

black videocamara purple background animated

Characterized as the standard format for high definition, is responsible for supporting any type of multimedia file.

available Pages to convert a video format MKV to AVI without losing quality without programs

Internet there is an infinite number of programs to facilitate conversion of video , but if you want to avoid downloads and installations, you will find a list of pages that will help you achieve the same goal.


Despite being a downloadable program, the system has provided an opportunity to establish a free video converter on the web .

The aim of this site is to be a tool that allows you to set the audio quality and video based on the rate, resolution and transfer rate.

One advantage that has the program and who have also applied on your page, it is to be compatible with Windows and Mac, without altering the high conversion speed that characterizes it.

To use it you must access the page and click on “ select files to start ” so you can search your documents MKV file format.

As a next step, you must select the output format, which in this case will be “ AVI ” before pressing “ convert ” to save the video to your computer.


It is an online converter that ensures transform videos in high speed , allowing turn around three hundred thirty (330) format combinations.

 portable video playback

A feature of this site is to ensure the safety of the privacy of your content, it will be removed in the course of twenty four hours.

To achieve the conversion, select the file from your document by pressing “ Browse ” or as inserts if the URL in the box of “ or download it from “.

In this situation, placed in the “ Input format ” MKV and the “ output format ” AVI format to press “ convert “for the download link for your computer.


Unlike earlier, this is a converter that deals with transform only those files that have been downloaded to your computer .

It has the ability to receive payment for unlimited benefits plan space, because in the free service does not allow videos to be larger than 100 MB.

Locate the file “ Browse ” and then select the format you want to get on the list displayed in “ select the format you would like to get “. Finally, press “ convert ” to get the converted video in AVI.

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