Cropping A Part Of An Image And Put Back Using Gimp

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The image is at its greatest height and a big part of that is because today almost all have access to a camera . Work tools for photo editing they are also very useful. That’s why we bring href = “”>

What is Gimp?


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Gimp is a program that allows you to edit your photos in order of their appearance, you can edit, retouch and compose your own.

Even this same program has been used by companies because they have the opportunity to even their logos and graphics. This makes your business look more attractive and enjoy presentations without having to pay a business license because the Download gimp is free.

In fact, there are people who sometimes, depending on the type of work for photography, used as an alternative to Photoshop.

Originally this program was created to GNU/Linux , but the network can find accommodations for Windows and Mac OS X. Being a free software comes to bear most graphics JPG, gif, png, among many others.

In addition, another feature of this program is that it has its own storage format is XCF. It is also possible to import files format PDF or SVG vector image  . You can also and save images for export easily Gimp by the ease of its interface.

Gimp has many tools, including those that allow you are place a background image – transparent plan . There are not specific because Gimp has a variety so that you can work depending on the image.

For example, GIMP has tools that work best when the background is investigated. There is other work best when the objects in the foreground and background have high contrast. This article will show you how to use these tools so you can edit your photos in the best way possible.

How to use Gimp for editing photos?


 cut image of a woman and green background with Gimp

The first thing to do is open the photo you want to GIMP You must click on the right &NBSP. photo and opened with & gt;   “GNU Image Manipulation Program”


Now you need to click in the Layers panel and right-click on the main image layer. Now you need to go to Add Alpha channel that will add a transparent layer below the main picture. Thus, it will this layer can be transparent after erasing the background of the image.

In this case, you can use the main tools of 3 Gimp you can place above the main menu by selecting Tools & gt ; Selection Tools .

The first tool is called fuzzy selection tool selects an area contiguous depending on the color. This means that the accounts, with a kind of dropper Select a color image. Where you click will select any color as long as it is not interrupted by another or by an object.

After selecting the blur tool, simply click on the black background and you’ll see a selection box. I know see the white lines and black to move to the area.

If you did not like the work he has done the tool, you can go to Select & gt; None to clear your changes (you can use the Ctrl + Shift + A command) in the tool options can make adjustments in the setup,

For example, the Threshold setting. If your numbers are too low will not help, whereas if they are too high to select a pixel not having a color change.

Already count on the settings you want, click the background to make sure it is selected. Now with the project, you have to eliminate everything that is in this selection area and therefore leaving only the transparent background

Now press Ctrl + Shift + A to select None. It is possible that the edges of the bottom is a black light track, so if you want to completely remove, you need to keep adjusting the Threshold setting. that these tools can withdraw funds from your images and choose your preference.

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