How To Download Balabolka Latest Version And Convert Audio Texts -Step By Step

Sometimes the demands of the time that we need tools to help us do tasks that a exhausting work are then very difficult.

We think that we have to read a text or even a digital book, but fatigue did not allow it, then we look for example use my Amazon Kindle to convert text to speech and so give us tasks. For that reason we are in the constant search for convert text into voice online MP3 easily and quickly.

How to Download Balabolka Latest version Convert Text and Audio -Step step

It is therefore designed a practical and simple tool that lets you transform text written in audio . Balabolka is the name of this new aid, as described makes reading text easier


What is Balabolka?

Balabolka white background Logo

We can define Balaboka as a tool or software Text to Speech , plus all voices computer are within Balaboka this in order to select the one you like to the user.

As has a lot of types of text files that can transform between are: AZW, ODP, ODS, ODT, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, PPTX, PPT, PDF, XLS, XLSX plus many others.

These files will then be transformed into audio and the guards in any of these formats: WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA. This tool is able to read the texts, handles reading from fast access keys already programmed.

Among their options is that Balabolka has a few versions of Microsoft Speech, APL, SAPL. This allows a list of words that we want to improve the pronunciation of these in the text, plus you can vary the voice parameters such as speed, also the tone.

Of course you can correct the words of the text are pronounced incorrectly, in order to give a good understanding of what you are listening. Even you can give better articulation of the voice.

Balabolka is another feature that helps you save the texts transformed into audio files in LRC or MP3. Are stored as if they were the lyrics, just listen to any audio on your computer.

As is a text to speech tool, these voices are synthetic, of course they need to use versions to modify the sounds for this Balabolka Microsoft Speech API features, is only one application interface.

The first to perform this conversion of text to audio download Balabolka.

How to download Balabolka?

Download Balabolka

The place yourself which is the latest , then review the technical features that are compatible with your computer version. Then choose the language in which going to use.

oppress download, your PC choose the location that you’ll give then install it. This way you already have on your computer, emphasize that it is absolutely free. You can download Balabolka here

How to convert text to audio?

Now we will learn simple, easy and practical way and convert an audio text we can understand.

Step 1

The first thing is to open the program Balabolka.

Step 2

Then we locate the tab where we have the voices in Spanish, select one of them.

Step 3

We can now as proof write a text , then press the play button then listen to what we place before.

Step 4

We already have the voice, now we can change the speed on the button with the same name.

Step 5

Likewise, the side is the tone button, so move to the one you want, is also the graduated volume according to our preference.

In addition, to transform files in any format full mark or highlight only he tells copy, then paste them into the Balabolka program, in order to make the adjustments described above. Remember that you can make corrections or change pronunciation of words in the transformed text.

This is an excellent tool that helps us to hear many written texts that weather or other circumstances can not read, it is very simple, easy to use.

If you want to know about Google how to make me read aloud texts or PDF pages can learn here.

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