How To Download And Install Obs/Open Broadcaster Software Free Classic

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The recording programs have been very important for people. And that imagine a life where ever existed recording , so many things you could not do; for example, registration of scientific experiments, nature documentaries, among many other things.

Downloading and Installing OBS/Open Broadcaster Software Classic Free

That’s why, the number of programs that exist to make recordings represents an exorbitant amount in the world of the Internet, but there will always be some who stand out over others.

Between the best programs you can see the Open Broadcaster Software , or by its acronym in English OBS. Is a program that many users have chosen to use as it is developed under an open source, which translates to is free, and makes this program a great benefit.

What is it and how was born OBS?

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Primarily, the OBS is a program whose purpose is to work recording and transmission via the internet. The same works with a system that allows video capture in real time, and is even able to send the same video under real-time support to a destination specific, such as YouTube.

It is a very functional program because it was originally created by developer Hugh “Jim” Bailey, but it helps a lot of collaborators who contributed their knowledge. I created one of the best programs in terms of recording in 2014, still widely used today.

Who uses the OBS program?

This program was created for the purpose of performing the best recordings games that an open source program can offer. Being the favorite tool of many Youtubers just started in the field with a focus on video games and explanations on them.

Although this purpose was broken very quickly, because many videobloggers used this tool to broadcast live by Youtube or other means creating content to your viewers. Hunters mythological stories also made much use of this program, and generally multiple users YouTube .

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Is it difficult to use the OBS program?

Many users tend to believe that the program is very complicated because the code used, and this is normal, as many open source software are usually complicated to use. But this is due to the habit of using common programs, such as Camtasia.

The reality is that no, this program has a friendly interface where recordings are made in a simple way. The display fonts, scenes, mixer, transitions and all other tools are an organized and understandable manner, allowing the user to do basic things for their videos as put background music in a direct YouTube with OBS .

How to download and install OBS/Open Broadcaster Software Classic Free?

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The process of downloading and installing this program is very simple. Actually if you performed the installation of some other program on your computer, this will be like going for a walk to the park as your installer handles the same system using Windows for most of its programs.

Now the program should always be downloaded from the official , since from it we can get the installer to easily. It should also be emphasized that the program is free, if you download the installer from another page we run the risk of downloading the wrong file.

If you’ve never installed a program do not worry, first thing to do is to enter the page mentioned above, and select the option that says Windows . after that we open the executable file that was downloaded from the browser


When the open file, we must “Next” , then pressed “I accept” and “Next” (this tab location of the file is displayed). At this time it will start downloading, and we just wait for it to open the program from access.

Thanks to the development of this program, low-income Youtubers have managed to start in this world that allows them to generate income, being a good tool for beginners; managing to save a lot of expense.

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Remember that although it is a very complete program it is not without problems as the problem of black screen to make the capture screen using OBS , however, is an excellent program that helps content creators.

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