How To Download The Latest Version Of Audacity Spanish Pc Full Free

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Audacity is an audio editing program open source. Although there is no company behind this program, you can definitely do wonders with him. From make music in 8D to slow down audio, this program lets you do everything. So it is in this post will explain how to download the latest version of Audacity Spanish full free PC. That will be the first step to accomplish all that you discussed earlier.

How to download the latest version of Audacity Spanish PC Full Free

Steps to download and install Audacity full Spanish on your PC

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In this section we will talk in great detail about all you need to know to learn to Audacity download and install the program on your computer without problems. To do this we recommend you read carefully the following steps

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  • Now we see that an installation wizard that will facilitate greatly the whole process unfolds. The first thing we should note is the language and the location where you want the Audacity program to be saved.
  • Finally, the wizard will show the option to open the program and in turn we will see the icon on the desktop.

How to configure Audacity recording preferences?

Once you’ve finished download and install Audacity successfully, then we recommend that you keep reading to learn a few extra tricks regarding the initial setup of this program. Just mention some details that can change the long term when you have learned to handle certain aspects of sound editing.

  • To start you click the « Edit » option found on the top bar of the screen, just to the side of the « File «.
  • Then you select the « Preferences » option. In this way we will see a pop-up window which is a menu that shows the settings you can make. From this point we can configure certain details of the devices audio recording and playback.
  • Now, in the « Quality » option this program is configured so default with a frequency of 44100 Hz and 32 bit format. But do not worry, that this aspect can be perfectly modified according to your preference. However, we recommend not to change this if you do not have much experience in audio editing.
  • On that menu will also have the opportunity to change some related program interface details. For example, the track display and some aspects of the process of import and export audios.

Getting Started to learn how to record audio with Audacity

If you want to start an audio recording, then you must start with connect the microphone to the computer and verify that it works perfectly. Then you just have to press the «Record» button beneath the main menu to begin the process of recording .

 Audífonos on white notebook

Once you’ve finished recording, then press the «Stop» button. This form can hear everything you’ve recorded in detail.

If you like, you can save the audio to edit or later use. To do this click on the «File» and «Save» option then select.

Then you just have to select the folder in which you want the audio to be stored. In addition, we remind you that the files are saved in the proper format Audacity, so may not be reproduced with another program. To play as an audio file, you’ll need to export or save it as an MP3 audio .

On the other hand, if you want edit a previously saved audio , all you have to do is press the «File» option and then «Open». However you can also use the «Import» option to select an audio that we have saved to a folder on your PC.

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