How To Download The Latest Version Of Brave Browser In Spanish For Pc

download latest version of browser brave

A the apparently new applications that put to shake those are appearing that have already been established in taste and preferably users.

And one of these is the Brave Browser browser, which offers the option to block ads and protecting the Privacy. That is why we want to show you, the next article will let you know how to download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC.

How to download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC

Brave Browser is a browser that is truly compatible with different operating systems and architectures, 32-bit and 64-bit.

But what makes so attractive to users is the ability to lock automatically advertising, this allows your speed is much faster to downloading a webpage. Or activate useful functions such as obscurely .

Then we will show you a simple way for you to arrange and download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC .

Your approximate weight is about 160 megs and has bookmark features , you can save your browsing history, among others. Go ahead and use the steps we will show you, that count on this browser now.

How to download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC

Whenever we’ve talked browsers most used in the world as it is Google Chrome and how to install Sony Smart TV with Android TV. But now we’ll show you the steps to. download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC

 download Brave browser

Now, so you can download for free this fabulous browser, you should direct to the official. If you prefer using this Link you can do immediately, when you have entered it, you need to clip on the Download Brave option for Windows. Do clip and automatically start downloading the program to your PC.

When finished, the folder is added to the desktop, then select that folder and do the right clip and then choose the Run as administrator option. To wait a few seconds and start the installation on your computer. You must be selecting the next option to move forward in the installation, you can also choose markers as well as the search engine, etc.

Change the native language in the Spanish

After you’ve completed all these steps, completely installed application and will see its interface. Now we will change the language, because it is entirely in English. To do this, we will lead the top right and there we will find an icon with three lines and we clip.

This action display a window with various options and will choose Settings, then we clip the Advanced option and look languages ​​and we clip.

We will apply here the language is Spanish are looking for our case and we clip on the Apply option. And we will delete remaining and finally we clip on the Relaunch option. This action will allow the application to restart and the language you have chosen to apply.

When you start the browser again, we see that now all your options and features found in the Spanish language. It is of great advantage to have him in our native language, in order to take full advantage and different functions with applications like YouTube .

Let us say that through the browser Brave Browse r can monetize a virtual currency, but we will discuss in another article. As you can see, download and install this browser will not take long and now you can alternately use if you decide, with the browser you use frequently.

download pc browser

And so we finished a tutorial again, showing you how download the latest version of Brave Browser in Spanish for PC. From a very simple and quick way, using few steps and you can have a no doubt browser you will use it every day. Thanks to its different and innovative features.

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