How To Upload A File To The Cloud With Skydrive From Your Computer

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Upload a file to the cloud with Skydrive, or as it is called now, OneDrive, allows users to deliver some space on their computers keeping elements in the cloud.

It has a capacity of 25GB or more , and compete hard with other sources of mass storage as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you do not know do not have to rely only on one of them to make backup of your documents, but you can migrate files and copy them.

How to upload a file to the Clouds with SkyDrive from your computer

That said, there are multiple ways to upload a file to the cloud using the OneDrive , here are two ways using the desktop PC is.

Without downloading software? You can upload a file to SkyDrive or OneDrive from the browser

The main way to upload a file to the Skydrive or OneDrive is using the standard browser, either Edge or Chrome.

But the first thing to know is that to do so you must purchase a Microsoft account, as they are the developers of the service.

This should not possess, if there are so go to the home page and select “ Sign in ” and from the new screen in “ Create “.

So, you follow the steps listed to generate a mail Outlook or what is equal to a Microsoft account to access their services.

In this way, the re-enter on the website, you can log on to the profile, from the same section where the recording was made.

But this time, you just have to enter the account information that would be mail and password that was chosen, and thus successfully open profile.

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This is where they begin the first steps to upload a file to the Skydrive or OneDrive from the browser by pressing the tab that says “ All Microsoft “.

Here, you have to locate and select the option that says “ OneDrive ” in the column on the left that says “ Software “.

This will lead to a new page where prompted to log in again. If you have done previously or option was selected “ Keep initiated “, and pressing the blue button we go directly to the OneDrive.

Upload a file to the OneDrive

Here is a series operation of the site and its capabilities to display message detail us, you may to read through this right .

As a next step, you will see a blue window where there will be a button that says “ Start “, which will make the data checked account.

It is important to know how to proceed, ask verify the account by sending a text message to the number that was placed as principal.

So, Microsoft will confirm correct authority of the user with respect to that profile and allow you to fully use the service.

So to upload any file, simply open the folder in the computer, select documents and drag them to the window .

This will be automatically loaded to the personal store of the user. You can select between folders or create files to organize.

You can get to find the disadvantage that maybe your account is collapsed file and allows you to not save more, is why if you get to present this mistake do not worry, because all you have to do is free up space on your OneDrive account

Use the application to upload a file to the Skydrive or OneDrive practical and easily

Another way to upload a file to the Drive is to download the official application, which is within the Microsoft Office package.

 icons cloud

It means that acquiring the package of this program can obtain it. It is also possible to have it update it from the Windows 10 .

Once installed on your computer, it will appear as a icon shaped cloud on the right side of the taskbar, occasionally in the organizer, ie, the arrow keeps icons other programs.

In the press there, ask the account data for synchronization, and at the end, will show everything that is stored in the account.

Once completed, the user can upload a file to the Skydrive or OneDrive drag it to the window showing the program.

If you have this storage system and want to use all your tools we recommend that you also know how to limit the bandwidth One Drive and thus control the speed of upload and download. Or do backup from your PC.

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