How To Get More Storage Space For Free Box

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Today we have several storage services in the cloud . Among many options what are the best services cloud storage ; some are free but they have their limitations, in others you have to pay a fee to extend the storage space. Box is one of them and within their promotions can get more free storage space on this platform.

How to Get more Space Storage Box Free

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The cloud storage is the option we have when our hard drives get your butt. Usually, we try to free up storage space on your hard drive MacOS, iOS , PC or Android. But sometimes it is not enough, or want to have a backup of our information. Here is when we need Box.

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The interesting thing about this platform is that we can upload and share files in the cloud free , regardless of file type. In this way we will access them easily from your phone, computer, tablet, being anywhere.

We just need our internet connection. Its operation is similar to that of a desktop, can files organize folders, videos, photos and everything we please .

 promo box simplifying your life

An advantage of Box, is that we offer to share large files through a link. If you prefer, also gives us the option to do this using email or from the Box.

The files can watch them, share them and even edit them while online and even offline. If you ever come to fail the hard drive guarantee we will not lose our documents key.

How were getting more storage space free Box?

Just checking in Box got 10GB of storage for free . To make us more space on this platform should have been in the promotions offered when they began their services.

In this way, the 10GB offered by registering would become 50GB. This was obtained by downloading and installing the application on your device. In recent times they have not launched another promotion as well, but not lose hope

Now, if we move that 10GB of storage we have to become one of the plans offered by the platform. One of them is the Personal Plan Pro with which we have access to 100GB of extra memory. But we have to pay for our ability to store multiplied by 10. Also load limits files 250MB to 5GB improve.

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To purchase this plan would have to turn to the the company website. There initiate session if you already are registered, and look in the control panel is the “Get more storage space” . I we click on the green icon at the top right and then selecting “Personal Pro” give “Continue”.

If you do not have user, the purchase plan we ask for the data to open up an account. In either case, we must empty our data and how we choose to make payments, whether monthly or annually. After placing the billing address we click on “Complete upgrade”.

To have more space free storage Box should expect one of their promotions again. Hopefully attentive to make it happen. If you want to have that extra space on the platform you have shown one of the alternatives offered.

Now that you have an idea of ​​ what are, what they are and how they work in cloud computing? . We hope you can find all your videos, images and other important things the best option to save. Give us your opinion in the box before you leave.

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