Improving Voice Singing Or Talking To Audacity Free

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The world of music is a fairly competitive. When we talk about having some kind of success you have to look to be the best at what he does, and with this comes attention to the Details . The fact perfecting every little detail of a song or how a particular instrument can take years to fulfill touched.

And besides, involves not only the technical part of this, but also creative. That is, no matter how fast you can learn to play an instrument by mobile or otherwise perfected or different techniques, but how good you are composing something in particular.

How to improve the voice to sing or speak Audacity Free

This also applies when much a song or audio editing professionally . This is a process that can take much time and attention to detail. This is because you have to make everything sound like it should sound without any problems, which can be a great challenge .

a bad move

If done the song may sound overproduced or poorly produced. Given this, take the experience using the editing software indicated.

And what better program to start your learning process audio editing with Audacity ? This, is that although basic free program lets you to perform lots of different editions to a file audio to improve quality through a lot of tools .

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It’s pretty simple to use, but like any editing program, this has its tricks. That is why if you’re aspiring to be a publisher, then we’ll show you how you can improve Audacity using only a voice without any problems.

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What you need to know in order to improve a voice

When it comes to audio editing, you have to keep in mind that to improve a voice (or any instrument or track) you must take into account that everything is based on equalization.

It is not enough to use a filter , or just use an autotune to fix something. To improve how you hear a song, you have to grab each track and help equalize your sound according to how leading should sound.

In the case of a voice in a song, this is a detail that has to be polished a lot through equalization. Usually the voice is most often heard, so you have to learn to EQ correctly depending on the tone of a voice in particular.

That’s why then we will give you a step by step on how to equalize a voice in Audacity.

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Improving a voice in Audacity

Whether a track of a person talking or singing, the next step will serve to make the voice heard clearer and more polished than ever, reaching the right notes.

  • Once I have Audacity downloaded and installed on your computer , open. Now, you need to open the audio file with the voice you want to polish through Audacity.
  • Next, you’ll need to click “Effect” , the option is at the top of the program. Here, you will the option “Equalizing” and within it you will have to click “Graphic Equalizer “.
  • Now the work begins. If you have many low frequencies generated by a microphone, you need to lower bands 60 Hz.
  • If you want to lose weight is a voice that has a low effect, you might want to upload it to 200 Hz.
  • Now, if the voice is too thin, you might want to put in about 150 Hz, so you can give him something more than fortitude.
  • But if the voice is very distorted or unclear, it is a good idea to adjust the equalizer to 3 kHz. And you can also do the same increase until 5 kHz for more protagónica voice in a song.

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