How To Install And Use Ccleaner To Clean My Pc Correctly

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Over time our computers are filled with garbage and useless elements that consume memory and take up space in storage. It is for this reason you have to learn how to properly install and use CCleaner to clean my PC.

Installing and correctly use CCleaner to clean my PC

CCleaner is one of the applications most recommended by experts to correct or care and maintenance of your computer . It is especially useful for those who use their PC every day using this powerful tool will ensure always have it in the best possible condition.

The truth is that the application is very interesting options, for example you can program CCleaner to clean the PC automatically, but you must first start with the basics, ie install the App, for this follow the following guide.

How to properly install and use CCleaner to clean my PC

CCleaner is an outstanding application that you can perform a thorough cleaning of your system , which is essential for maintaining the health of your computer in perfect condition. highly recommended is a tool for anyone who owns a PC.

Download the application

  1. The first step is download the app , for it must access the official website of CCleaner, to which can be accessed through the following link
  2. There are two versions of CCleaner, a free and paid, in this case we are interested in the free app, you get it by clicking the Download button under CCleaner Free .
  3. The system will take you to a download screen again locates the CCleaner Free option and press on Download. Automatically should start downloading, you may be asks you to select a location, if so, please select it and click Save.
  4. The download process is usually quite fast, since the application weighs very little. Once finished, you start the installation process for this press the installer .
  5. During installation you should not set too much, which can leave the default options. In any case carefully read each of the steps the time you are installing the software.
  6. On the other hand, if you plan to use more widespread application, it is desirable to learn how to use and configure CCleaner so advanced to make the most possible. Although it is best to start with the basics, for it read.

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    Using CCleaner application

    CCleaner is a fairly complete application with which you can clean your computer so very efficient. In any case has many options that might confuse inexperienced, is for this reason that I will discuss each of these options.

    Change language

    Also, a very important aspect that many users complain is that the application is in a foreign language or failing English. This can be changed very easily , to do so follow these steps:

    1. Open the app and tap on the settings, you’ll find the gear shaped icon .
    2. Click on the first tab at the top of the screen, which in English has name Settings.
    3. And there in the first tab change the language to the Spanish.
    4. Cleaning

      Paragraph cleaning, which often appears as custom clearance, is one of the strengths of the application, because with this tool can clean your system very quickly.

      Among the many options present, you can delete the system files both as scouts and there is even a section for clean certain applications . For cleaning should only scan your computer and then click on run the cleaner


      In any case, take into account check in advance everything that will be deleted from your system.

       Use Ccleaner to clean PC


      Another interesting feature that has cleaner CCleaner is that it allows cleaning the registry of the Windows system. For this you need only press on the search problems and then clicking on fix selected problems .

      Tools, Options and update

      The system provides several tools such as an uninstaller, support for software update, duplicate finder, among others. Similarly, you can configure the application to your liking entering the options section and turn the upgrade tool you can have the latest versions of CCleaner.

      CCleaner is a great application, but it is not for everyone, if in the end did not convince you, you can opt for some of the the best free alternative to CCleaner for your PC, other programs that also meet extraordinary work.

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