How To Disable Or Remove Cloudflare A Web Page – Easy And Fast

 delete Cloudflare web

Companies like Cloudflare are responsible for more accessible and secure information to requesting clients online; placing copies of information in different servers. Now What is Cloudflare and how it works And more importantly, if you want to disable or remove Cloudflare a website &Nbsp;? Completely How do I? This   Article   find the answer


What it is and how it works Cloudflare?

To find out what is Cloudflare and how it works, we must first understand how the internet works well. The Internet basically, works by connecting computers to one another; but   if you want to access a particular server may only access them without problems which are closer to that server

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That’s why all over the world has created servers that store and replicate the web pages, applications and information in order to have the   more   close as possible. This is known as   CDN   (Content   Delivery   Network   o Distribution Network Content).

In 2009 Cloudflare was created, the same aim to offer a solution in the network optimization and content distribution. But in recent years, Cloudflare has been proposed to protect us from the   cyber. &Nbsp; attacks

Cloudflare is one of the safest href=»»> distribution network content, making intermediaries with   proxies   reverse . This favors the detention time   traffic. &Nbsp; malicious and spam on the web, in addition to providing data protection

However, from time to time problems arise, this is caused by infrastructure failures. The most common problem is known as Error 502 , which discourages the   page   web dependent Cloudflare. That’s why some want to know how to remove Cloudflare of a website.

Steps to disable or remove Cloudflare a web

If you created an     web and those with domain Cloudflare , but want to disable or remove it. ‘Ll show you how with 2 easy steps and fast.

To remove Cloudflare a Web page, you must access the web domain, whatever the registrar where you have (some are for example: or WordPress Dashboard). A look there, we headed to the option that says «Custon DNS», this option is in the «Name Server».

 it does and how it works Cloudflare

To disable it, we have to delete any name Cloudflare we get there and for that we restore settings   on the option that says «Namecheap   BasicDNS». So easy to deactivate the Cloudflare from our website.

As a second option we can do it directly from the     officer Cloudflare . We enter Cloudflare and then select the domain you want to delete or remove. It is important to remember that     constantly updated including its interface. But the steps are the same.

After selecting the domain, we look for the option that says «Avanced   Actions» . and «Remove   Site   from   Cloudflare» There are two options «;; On & nbsp & nbsp Cloudflare Pause Stop» appears. This second select it to completely remove Cloudflare our website.

Note that the option that says «Pause Cloudflare   On   Stop» is to disable Cloudflare for a period of hours they choose. A Choosing this option will   & nbsp sent, an email confirming the deactivation. However, remember that If we exceed Cloudflare time with disabled , will be an automatic removal of Cloudflare.

 do it directly from the official website of Cloudflare

With such easy and simple steps we can Remove Cloudflare of our website to avoid the error 502 or any drawback to using this type of program.

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