Programming Ccleaner To Clean My Pc On And Off Automatically

Today, in virtually every home and company there is at least one computer. Therefore, the problem of low performance is one of the most common, because with the passage of time are downloaded and storing programs put garbage files that slow your computer. CCleaner is an application designed to remove these junk files; You can even do it automatically. So in this article we will show how to program CCleaner to clean your PC automatically and off.

How to Program CCleaner to clear my PC automatically and off

How to program CCleaner to clean my PC on and off automatically?

Given how common is that the PC is overloaded with unnecessary information is very useful to count on a good tool to help you optimize the performance of your equipment. This will make constant maintenance and eliminate all unnecessary whatever. If CCleaner to clean your PC automatically, would be saving you valuable time you can invest in other activities.

In view of these benefits, now we will explain how to do it:

  • First, download and install CCleaner updated to the latest version available .
  • Then start the task scheduler “Start” .
  • Go to “Program”/”Accessories”/”System Tools”/”Task Scheduler”.
  • Create a basic task and colócale the name you want.
  • Set the frequency with which CCleaner must be cleaned.
  • Now you can start a program and start the path “Program Files”/Ccleaner/CCleaner.exe
  • In the option “Create argument” you are the following: “AUTO” /EjecutaCcleaner automatically, “SHUTDOWN” On/Off Windows to the finish cleaning, “CCLEANER”/”REGISTRY”/”TOOLS “/” Options “-Open the program with the specific tab.
  • After making your choice, click “Finish” and now.

After performing this process, CCleaner will handle automatically perform a regularly cleaning your PC, which will ensure the smooth running of your computer.

Why is it so important to keep your PC clean of unnecessary files?

The main reason should be cleaned frequently with a PC is because this increases the performance of your computer or laptop. This ensures optimal performance in most situations.

When the various computer programs are used, temporary files are generated. These are useful as the application in question is running; However, when the program closes lose utility and remain in the memory of the PC. Over time, this makes the device go quickly losing because it is filled with unnecessary files.

That is when files and programs start slow to load. Also you begin to notice that it is getting slower moving files from one folder to another. This is a sign that it’s time to clean. Since most users do not know optimize and speed up your PC with Windows 10 without programs, the problem is not resolved. Therefore, tools like CCleaner are very useful.

Benefits of making a good clean your PC

Yes, performance is the main reason for cleaning a PC. But we can not ignore the following benefits:

  • Space released. Tools like CCleaner are responsible for removing all unnecessary waste, which do not provide benefits to your PC. This is very useful if your dispostivo counts as little storage space.
  • Significantly increases speed, especially if also makes a defragmenting the hard drive manually. It’s like a house or a room is ordered and now quickly find all objects because they are where they should be.
  • are corrected many problems on your computer. Since many of the disadvantages of the operating system on your computer, are a result of files that are not where they should be, the effective tools as CCleaner, find them and remove.

As I mentioned, these are just three of the many benefits frequently clean your PC. If you want to continue learning respect, our website also teach you to delete temporary files downloads folder on Windows 10 .

We hope you have solved your problem of low performance and have learned to program CCleaner to clean your PC automatically and off. That way, you can always use your computer comfortably and saves bad times in which simply does not respond.

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