Saving And Exporting Images In Gimp Easily

Today teach you Save and export images in Gimp easily , an action that should know before you start working with the software.


Gimp is an excellent image editing application, which will allow making montages, edit faces to hide imperfections, delete or remove the background from a image and many more actions that make this application one of the best options.

In any case, the program has a extensive learning curve , so the best thing is to start with the basics. Given this, today we will tell you what process to store and export images with Gimp.

Save and export images in Gimp easily

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Then download the latest version of Gimp for PC and have it made its first edition, it’s time to export your project must meet essential process to work properly with the software.

Images in Gimp

It is important to note that there are two ways to save images, one of which is to keep the final work, which known as «Export» while the other method will be useful for saving a project and continue working with him at another time, what is known in the program as «Save».

Export images in Gimp

  1. The process to export an image in Gimp is very simple, all you have to do is go to the «File» section.
  2. Here you will find Two options for exporting your image , the first is «Export», which summarized accounts is a quick method for saving images. Moreover, we find the «Export as» most recommended option allows you to configure certain options for saving.
  3. On this occasion we will use «Export as» , so click on that option.
  4. will display the screen to export your image at the top is the «Name» section, space in which you must name your image, below this find «Save to Folder» option, option for selecting the storage location.
  5. On the other hand, the last option of interest is «Select the file type (extension)» . In relation to this option, it is very important to know what the differences are between image formats to choose one that best suits your needs (note that you can also directly put the extension in the section «Name»).
  6. Once you have selected the name, save folder and file type, click on the «Export.»
  7. the setup menu for the selected file format appears, do it deems appropriate settings and click again on «Export», after which your image is saved in the selected folder before.

    Save an image or save project in Gimp

    On the other hand, you may instead need to save the Gimp project, whether divide your image into several or parts, Save will enable not lose his job . The «Save» option will allow access to the worktable Gimp to continue editing an image or project.

    Save images in Gimp

    No doubt save Gimp project is very useful, especially if you are working on an image with a high degree of complexity. To save an image for later editing properly follow these steps:

    1. To properly save an image and edit it later, go to «File».
    2. Go to the «Save As» , where you can select options for saving the document.
    3. In doing the above, your project options to save display image.
    4. As you will notice, at the top are shown under «Name», which should give a name to the project.
    5. While in the «Save to Folder» section should select the save location for the project (default is documents).
    6. The last step is to press on the «Save» option, after which, the project will support to open it easily later.

      While Gimp may seem complicated at first, gradually it is possible to get used to its interface. Anyway, there are other options for working more comfortably as transform the Gimp interface in Photoshop , action that we recommend to consider if you are used to this other editing program.

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