Sharing Files And Folders From The Pc To The Virtualbox Virtual Machine

 sharing box pC virtual machine files

In today’s article we will see how to share files and folders from the PC to the virtual machine VirtualBox in minutes. It is too easy process to perform and above all things very useful for many situations such as test programs or other operating system directly, increase the size of the hard drive and configure and connect virtual machines or external wireless network.


What is VirtualBox?

This is a program that allows us to have an independent operating system of ours in any type of computer have either Windows, Linux or Mac OS Main . Just words creates virtual machines that can be used as if it were a computer with another operating system, quite different from what we have in our PC, it can be installed like any other program.

The best of all is that which is done on the virtual machine to function independently of our operating system. Both programs installed like all you are for him.

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This way, you can run different programs that were made for other operating systems. You also have the opportunity to try different OS directly if you want to learn to manage. For example: Suppose you are very used to pretend Windows but want to learn how to use Ubuntu


Thanks to a virtual machine can install Linux OS and use your computer as if you have Ubuntu, it works the same way, without any limitations . In turn, it is quite useful for testing different programs for everything that happens in the virtual machine will not affect the computer in general. If the virtual machine is affected by malicious software, this would not alter the actual installation of your operating system.

When you create a virtual machine, you must allocate space on the hard drive, RAM, USB ports, sound card, etc. It is not that complicated and all you can do is share files between VirtualBox and operating system you use How? That’s what we’ll see a little further down, step by step.

How to Create a Shared Folder in VirtualBox

  • The first thing you need to do is open VirtualBox and press the button “ Start ” to the virtual machine starts working.
  • After this you will go to “ Devices ” and “ Install additions Guest “.
  • Then you have to go into your computer’s file browser.
  • Now go to “ Computer ” and then you will have to double-click “ CD (D) VirtualBox Guest Additions ” that you need to install as any program on your computer.
  • After completing the installation will you have to go to “ Devices ” now in “ Shared Folders ” and again in “ Shared Folders “will have to press the symbol” + “.
  • You understand that a dialog box appears where you must choose the path to the folder you want to share, then choose a name, maybe the one you want.

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  • If you do not want the folder to be deleted after you restart the virtual machine and will have to check the box that says “ Permanent Makeup ” and “ OK “.
  • After that, you must confirm that the path to the folder you want to share is correct. If yes, then click “ OK “.
  • If the shared folder is created, you can access from the virtual machine to the desired folder with all the files you have on your computer.
  • What you need to do is go to the “ File Explorer ” this time the fire of the left sidebar “ Network ” and press twice – click VBOXSVR “that would become the shared folder.

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