Viewing Online Tdt Channels Outside Spain Using Vlc Media Player

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See channels TDT online is possible. TDT means (Digital Terrestrial Television)   is also known in some countries as TDA (open DTV) is via the digital transmission of audio or video transmitted by a binary encoding a network of terrestrial transmitters,   we can see the channels or radio stations to hear directly from the Internet.

The quality is superior to analog transmission media, but you must have a fast Internet connection to enjoy a good sign; TDT is not only possible through the means media, but also by some players like VLC .

What VLC Media Player?

 The site VideoLAN

VLC Media Player is a free player and cross-platform developed by the open source VideoLAN project, has versions for Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS; You can play many video formats without having to install additional codecs (including DVD and Blu-Ray HD 4K).

What can download on the page, una its great advantages is the ability to play a TDT channel every time we have their respective management; we can get two types: direct address digital communication protocol (IPTV) or to Playlist M3U or M3U8 containing several internal


What are M3U and M3U8


M3U is an acronym for the format (Mpeg version 3 URLs) is a simple text file where records the location of one or more means as multimedia a playlist; at the beginning could be read by the Winamp player, but is now a standard compatible with VLC, windows Media Player you can upgrade to the latest version easily or iTunes, AIMP, XMMS, among others.

M3U8 work files as M3U , the difference between them lies in the type of coding; its use is transparent to users, but this difference can be seen in the titles of the aforementioned means, as the Spanish language uses special characters such as accents, umlauts ñ or (ii) are not used in the format UTF 8 the M3U8.

How to M3U online channels TDT Spain


It is best to do a search on keywords using Google or Bing to help us, for example, “List of channels TDT Spain”; see more pages that specialize in the publication of M3U lists and M3U8, which are different channels which transmit their digital signal on the Internet. There are also ways to together M3U Smart IPTV on TV .

But all are free, many of them require a subscription fee . These are Examples of sites that publish lists Spain channels:


How to view DTT channels online with VLC Media Player


 VLC player

View chains in Spain online TNT or any other part of the world in VLC Media Player is very easy, we just go to “Medium & gt; Open the network location “ and placed in the box that appears, Channel URL or M3U list; After that digital media will be automatically displayed in the player.

For example, to display channel Real Madrid TV in HD go to “Open Network Location” option or rely on the Ctrl + N, we write the address digital transmission and finalized press the ‘Play’ button ; Put the URL is as follows:

  •[email protected]/index_1000_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on?iptvgratis?chile.m3u8

also You can view DTT channels of Spain directly from your Chrome browser by downloading and installing the plug-in VLC Media Player Site: wherein is placed sense such a case in the browser address bar


definitely VLC Media Player is a complete player , easy to use and ideal for watching your channels favorite Freeview for online, as – one to inside or outside Spain; because its display is not by antennas or cables, but directly from the Internet.

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