What Is Hdr Effect And How Can I Apply It To My Pictures With Gimp?

 HDR photos with Windows

If you want to capture your best images and tools of effects available that can help. we show here that HDR effect and how to apply to your photos with Gimp.

The photography is an activity that has become a favorite of many and is currently not need to be a professional or have expensive equipment to enjoy this hobby.

In fact, thanks to advanced technology , you can bring a high quality camera at your fingertips with just having a smart phone.

And to enhance the captured images, useful programs and applications for this task, as well as being very comprehensive, they are very easy to use.

Some find the software can Ligthroom , belonging to the following Adobe Photoshop GIMP or PhotoScape, so you have great pictures to post on social networks or composite. However, if you do not want this software, you can find what are the best alternatives to Adobe Ligthroom program.

What is the HDR effect?

To capture an image often seen well-lit areas than enough to highlight and dark areas or focus the light does not penetrate much.

is the HDR effect can help. It tries to capture three images with different exposures, each highlighting different areas or light image.

Later, these three images are combined, using the best exposed parts of each for a single clear picture of many.

done manually photographers before this process, called bracketing or bracketing, then run them using specialized image editing software.

Today, many digital cameras and integrated cameras in smart phones include this option in the settings, so you can get this kind of pictures automatically.


If your device does not have this technology, you can choose to install some applications or programs use to change your RAW photos  

To continue learning about this, I invite you to read the following link What – HDR is a file and how to open it?

What is Gimp?

Windows Gimp Program

The photo editor (GIMP) GNU image manipulation software program is a free program and free part of the GNU project

is available for a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows and MacOS , providing the interface languages ​​including English, Spanish, Russian, Korean , Swedish, among others.

Despite being a free software offers high-quality editions for photos, photomontages, preparation of icons and graphics for webpages.

For a while, it can be used in touchpads for better handling of the tool in the professional edition.

For your free download and additions, visit Location Gimp, select the operating system you use on your computer and click the Download button on-platform of your choice.

At the end of the download must run the installation file and follow the wizard to complete the installation. Veras program icon on the desktop of your computer.

Apply the HDR effect on your photos with Gimp

 Window HDR picture Gimp

If you do not have a camera with HDR technology or the need to have that effect on a RAW image, you can do with the Gimp program.

If you have installed the program, missing only install the plugin exposure mix, can get in the official website of the Accessories section of The Gimp.

Download the file, copy it and paste it in the Scripts you will find the directory where the program is installed Gimp.

Now open the program to open the image you want to effect. Must duplicate the upper layer twice to obtain three equal layers and obtain the effect.

Select one of the layers to change a dark area of ​​the same, go to the menu, then press the Color Curves section in the pop moves the curve to achieve the desired effect.

Repeat with the next layer to ensure that all regions have the desired exposure. Now it will unite the three images to form one.

Go to Filters exposure blend- mixture will open a new window where you must select the three images that you have changed and pressing the OK button a new image with levels of exposure will be created from above.

If you want to improve tones can use the Maping Tone tool plug-in tone mapping Advanced to merge the layers.

You can also visit how to convert a normal low quality format HDR image.

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