What Is And What Is Overclocking? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Doing On My Pc?

microprocessor overclocking

It is expected that many users and people in general to hearing some computer term , think they are talking to them in Chinese. And this is what it looks like when we hear about overclocking, but what is this?

The following article develaremos that this term refers as bombastic and we’ll show you What is and what is Overclocking? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing on my PC?


But before you should know that computers have inside and outside components called electronic hardware. These compounds are internally by the processor, the RAM , CD ROM, the microprocessor, video card, etc. and on the outside by the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

Well, then that is the Overclocking , this is a feature that allows it to run any internal components of the hardware PC . Such as the graphics card or the microprocessor and they can operate above the specifications given by the manufacturer, so much so that you can understand.

What is and what is Overclocking? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing on my PC?

Businesses as AMD and Intel, which manufacture these electronic components have called hardware . You are set with factory settings and are certified to operate at that particular speed. It turns out that the ability of the components are well below their actual capacity.

This is done so that the components work with medium capacities and so there is no possibility of offering some sort of problem. So here is where the Overclocking , which takes out the most of a component that is not working at peak performance.

In this manner a specific component added to a computer and is working with higher throughput performance is removed. This way you can save a lot of money on buying another computer that would offer the same performance. You realize how great it is to apply this method to your personal computer.

When Overclocking applies to a PC you can get a minimum return of 25% this really is fantastic. But it also turns out that this practice has its against and one and the most obvious. It is that you lose any guarantee furnished by the manufacturer as is not working within preset parameters for it.

It also turns out that the overclocking, the components tend made to reduce their lifespan than normal, I would say even worse.

And there is the latent possibility of completely damaged component if not done a correct handling . For this reason we must be very careful before deciding to apply this procedure to our PC.

Conclusions on the implementation of the Overclocking on my PC

If you have not been clear what the make Overclocking , we can say that this method allows increase of at least 25% performance of standard PC components. These are above the specifications given by the manufacturer, in this way will we get the most out of our computer.

This practice will allow to have us a PC repontenciada without having to invest anything for it, but that if we should be on both the potential risks involved in this practice. And we can get the results can be variable and depend on factors we can not control.

Before taking this step and apply to your PC overclocking, we recommend to inform themselves very well about the correct way to apply this method. A study on the components available to your team and the steps to take to perform it correctly. Remember that there is a possibility damage permanently component.

video memory card

so we come to the end of this article, I try to investigate a term little known, but offers huge advantages when applied to your personal computer. And we gave you explicitly What is and what is Overclocking? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing on my PC?

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