How To Write Characters That Are Not Latinos Without Installing A Language Pack

Lexilogos Idiomas

Do you write in languages ​​that use non-Latin characters: , but do not know how? This article will show what type of keyboard you use your PC and if you need to activate a language pack. You see it is not as difficult as you think. The first thing to consider is they are keyboards, which are the types that exist and its functions of each button.

What is the keyboard using your computer?

Most computers come with a better integrated keyboard known as a QWERTY keyboard. What type of keyboard is it? You will wonder. Well let’s explain a little what the keyboard normally used and you can do to use non-Latin characters.

This keyboard bears his name (QWERTY) by the first letters of the top row within it. The way it is organized is because it is based on its predecessors, typewriters.

Of course, all this type of keyboard has QWERTY are equal, slightly different versions. Some have more keys than others because the letter Ñ is added in English is different. Or, depending on your language, the position of the letters changes.

Despite the slight changes that this type of keyboard can have, not the non-Latin characters. For writing characters like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and so on, must download a language pack. However, many prefer to seek other and leave a last resort having to download these heavy packs.

You’ll be pleased to know that you do not need to download a language pack to use different characters in your PC. In this article, we will discuss a particular page that can help with this type of language. It is href = “”> .

What is Lexilogos and how is it used?

 vector white Lexilogo

You only need to write a sentence or to a tweet in English. If this happens, download a language pack would be totally useless, it is why it Lexilogos.

This is a site that gives you access to a multilingual , which includes compounds other than Latin. Some advantageous and attractive thing this page is that you do not need to pay to enjoy its services as it is free.

This page consists of two main categories. One can access languages ​​include Latin characters such as French, Italian, English and so on. The other category is of course languages ​​with non-Latin characters: in Greek, Korean, Chinese and many others.

How can you use this page?

 letters of the Georgian alphabet red white background

Very simple, follow our steps and you’ll soon as you can write what you want in the language you want.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to access homepage Lexilogos , where you will see many languages. And as I said, they are divided into two categories.

Step 2

As you can not use the Latin alphabet, you must select directly where it says Other Alphabets so you can choose the language you want.

Step 3

Now you have the language of your choice, is to choose only   character   you want. To do this, you have to go by clicking on the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen and the characters will automatically appear in the box above.

Step 4

already have the text ready, we just select it and give it to copy and paste wherever you use it. Whether in a document, a text, make a tweet or post it on a social network. That is, you can effectively use this and write in the language you prefer.

If you want more options outside the Lexilogos page, we recommend using Google Translate . This platform is very simple to use. Has no characters on the virtual keyboard, but if you have the chance to shoot if you know how.

Or you can simply copy the text you want to translate and Google You will translate the characters you can copy. And with the copied text, use for whatever you want.

In another vein, we invite you to read the following article that explains how to configure the keyboard in Windows 10 easily.

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