Locking The Mouse Cursor On A Screen Or Window Easily

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Know all the parameters that you can apply on our computers, it is very important to have a better development with our teams. Set your computer to our needs is something that will be of great help.

Also, the operating systems that control computers, such as Windows, are highly configurable comprehensive systems. This means that you can configure every aspect that we do not like or if you want to change on our computers.

If the software itself would prevent a certain configuration or access is limited. With the help of programs that can be downloaded from their official sites, we can do it very easily.

One component most important with our computers is the mouse , which by means of a cursor can mobilize the entire interface of the operating system. This slider is highly configurable, you can change to right click on the left.


What is blocking the mouse cursor on a screen?

 lock the mouse cursor on a screen

Although the settings are pretty good mouse, we can define some aspects. For example, increase speed which the cursor, the response speed or sensitivity

But in the choice a little more advanced, these settings are a bad bit. Especially when users are a bit more demanding and requires better development in your computer.

For example, people who work with several screens at once, but with a single processor. These cases are seen in people who use their computer for work or play.

These people need more development time to implement their programs, in order to connect multiple monitors at once. When working in this way, it is usually a minor inconvenience, but very tedious time.

This is when you drag the cursor on one side of the screen, automatically switch to the other screen we connected. So back to the original screen, we have to drag the cursor on the screen.

This tends to be a bit tedious process, since we need to repeat it every time you want to access the original screen. But we must not fear to our advantage there is a way we can avoid this problem.

While the mouse default configurations offered by our computer, are very broad, does not permit cursor block on a single screen, you need to download a program. In this article, we will learn the steps to lock the mouse cursor on a screen or window.

The steps to block the mouse cursor on a screen

The first thing to do if we close the cursor on one screen without moving to the next, is download a small program . This program is called cursor lock and we will allow the block cursor.

 cursor lock Program

To download we have access to our trusted browser and go to the search bar at the top of the screen. Then there is the Official Website cursor lock.

In this way, we’ll go to the official site where you can download the cursor lock, go down to find the Download and download the file. Once you proceed to discharge their respective installation.

Now, we can see that a simple interface and easy to handle, but very full. The next step will be activate the lock program and click on the option with the three points, located on the right side.

We enter our computer files, and we must look for the program, which want to block. If we seek is a game file and select the game.

If we want, we can click the “Test” at the bottom of the program window. There we can do a quick test, just click “Create Shortcut” and go.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we would like to know your opinion was able to block the mouse cursor on a screen or a window? Do you know another way to do this? Leave your answers in the comments.

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