How To Fix The Error “Unable To Run This Application On The Computer ‘

 correct the error can not run this application on your computer

The message “You can not run this application on your computer” is more common than believed, but should not be considered a default error in the system operating system windows 10.

The new version of Microsoft software is recognized for its new security methods that improve the user experience on your computer.

Since the error is caused by the common reasons, solutions are quite simple and easy to do, even for those who have no experience with a computer.

How to fix an error” can not run this application on the computer “

With simple methods that will be explained below, can run the program in comfort, ensuring that the error does not reappear on the screen.

Reasons “You can not run this application on your computer” will appear on the PC

The problem can be reduced to Compatibility error with the operating system or the computer operating method. Thus, it was decided to automatically lock.

However, this should not be cause for concern. As one of the benefits of Windows is the ease with which you can solve all your problems.

 You can not run this application on your computer

So for every situation, there is a way to volve r the operation of the program in question . Thus, managing to complete the task to perform each.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow the verbatim each of the information contained in this article. In order to continue to enjoy the experience with Windows 10.

List of solutions for the error “Unable to run this application on your computer”

It is clear that there are several reasons why this message may appear on the screen, so it is essential identify causes that best fits the situation that suffer. Since the application is newly installed on the computer, the changes must be made directly to the computer.

Check the version of


We all know the programs that are installed on devices have versions. Used to make improvements to those who decide to use it.

Because of this, there is the possibility that the update number you have installed on your computer is not the latest, causing compatibility problems. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure acquire the latest version published by programmers. To avoid such situations.

Control System Compatibility

Continuing the theme versions, but this time in bits. There are programs that work exclusively for one that holds the computer.

Appearance messages like “Can not run this application on your computer” can be caused by having installed the wrong version of the system.

 support system

It is recommended that check what type of computer architecture works in the properties of the same (32-bit or 64-bit). To download the appropriate and compatible with the equipment, avoiding such errors.

direct problems with the application

This situation directly affects the downloaded program can also cause such errors. So you can try the following:

Try re-download file itself, if a connection problem caused a failure. You can also try run the application drive system running directly extension EXE.

Similarly, you can also run run the shortcut as administrator. If this is related to the permissions granted by the system to the application.

Finally, should not fear that the error “You can not run this application on your computer.” Anyway displayed instead of the program’s operating window.

Whether by system protection means or a single failure with the software, there are several ways to solve these situations. So you just have to follow each of the indications mentioned in this space so you can enjoy the features that Windows has to offer.

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