How to connect two computers with a USB cable to transfer data

Sometimes, we would like connect two computers to an external hard drive via two USB outputs but we do not have this type of component or have enough time to perform this task. In this sense, it is convenient to use a USB cable that can connect two computers simultaneously and quickly. This article teaches you how to connect two computers with a USB cable to transfer data

What is a USB cable bridge?

jumper cable is a USB connector to USB that allows you to link two computers. This accessory allows data transfer between two computers via an electronic circuit that is located in the center of the cable.

jumper cables feature an installation CD containing a executable . A installing this element can successfully establish communication between the two computers you want to connect.

What is a USB bridge cable?

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A USB cable bridge serves to transfer data from one PC to another effectively. With this tool you save time and materials, since they do not need to download an additional application or get an external device. In addition, data transfer via USB is done quickly.

Connect two computers

How to connect two computers with a USB cable to transfer data

If you want to establish a link between two computers, you have two options: configure and connect machines WIFI and external virtual network virtual box or use a special USB cable called «jumper wire» or «USB link cable» which features two USB connectors male . If you opt for the latter alternative, pay attention to the procedure that we explain below.

Prepare two computers

First, you On the two computers you want to connect and ensure that both complete the boot process properly.

Install the application from the CD

Insert the installation CD into the CD/DVD of one of the computers. Then, expected that the installer automatically to run. In case you do not start the installation alone, scans the contents of the disk and locates an executable file named «Installer» or «Setup».


My jumper wire does not have an installation CD

If the jumper wire you have purchased does not have a CD installation, you access the website of the manufacturer and find the «Downloads» or «Drivers». From there, download the installation file that corresponds to the jumper (link or transfer) and install the program on a computer.

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Connect the two computers with a USB cable to transfer data

Once you’ve installed the program, must link the two computers via the USB cable bridge . To achieve this, introduce one end into the USB port of the PC 1 and the other end into the USB port of the PC 2. Wait a few seconds while the teams recognize the cable.

Make sure the USB cable is not too tense . If so, try to bring the two teams to avoid possible damage to the cable.

Open the application to transfer data via USB cable

Go to the application installed in the first step. To achieve this, locate the program from the Start menu. Then, locate the «All Applications» and select the program you find the available list.

The application for the transfer of data functions as a file manager . Its interface contains two windows «local» and «remote» that is associated with each computer. The window «local» presents the PC files while you’re using the «remote» window displays the files of another PC.

Transfer data between two computers

To share files between two connected computers, you need to drag the files from the «remote» window to the «local» window. You can also do the reverse process without any problems. If you do not count on the Windows system and you prefer to use another option, you can choose to connect two Macs ethernet. This process will be equally useful for transferring data.

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