How To Copy Files And Folders Faster Using Robocopy?

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If you want to move faster than recommended document is to use the so-called tool “Robocopy”. For this reason, we have prepared this tutorial in which you learn How to copy files and folders quickly using Robocopy?


What Robocopy?

Robocopy which is also known as copy compatible files (for the English translation of “Robust File Copy” ) is a command that can be used in the Windows control panel 10. It know what is the symbol of the CMD system.

The aim of Robocopy is the transfer of files containing a specific directory. This process tends to be relatively faster than the transfer of conventional files. One negative aspect is the need to know Robocopy command line of Windows. Why, most users avoid this type of transfer.

Use Robocopy to copy files and folders faster

If you want to try or use this cool feature in Windows, we recommend that you read this guide that will tell you the easiest and simplest way possible operation of this tool and how to use it to mobilize files between its storage units.

Robocopy to copy files

How to copy files and folders quickly using Robocopy?

It is certainly possible copy a list of files with a click Windows . However, the process of copying files and complete folders with Robocopy is fairly simple to make. If you have questions about this, we recommend you to strictly follow the instructions below:

  1. First, you must open the Windows command console also known as CMD. This can be done by going to the Start menu and looking directly ” cmd”.
  2. Once you have found the CMD application, we recommend you to press right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.   In performing this, the console displays Windows
  3. .

  4. It will carry the whole process is quite simple. You must place the “Robocopy” code and later, note the source folder and the destination folder. For example: robocopy C:\Downloads C:\Games
  5. .

  6. Significantly, the need robocopy to write code, using a space, write the source folder and finally the space and the destination folder. If this is not done this way, the program will not work.
  7. Once you enter the address correctly, press the “Enter” key, then you have to start the file transfer process. Thus, all the files in a folder will be moved to another.
  8. In addition, there are certain configurations, you can take the time of the transfer, in any way, which is recommended for advanced users. These codes can be accessed through the link provided by Microsoft Robocopy codes.

Is it worth it to use Robocopy?

File Transfer using Robocopy is generally quite fast, so it is considered one of the best alternatives to Windows Explorer. therefore it is something practical if you want to move large amounts of files in a space of your computer to another.

There is definitely something you need to know if you are faced with the need to reorganize your files. This feature is present in all versions of Windows, could also be particularly useful if you have documents mobilizing your computer problems.

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