What Is The Difference Between Types Of Hardware And Software Exist? -Basic Guide

 Hardware and Software Difference

Computers are wonderful devices that have enabled the technology development and facilitated our lives. If you want to learn more respect, today we’ll show What is the difference between types of hardware and software exist? -Basic Guide


What is the difference between types of hardware and software exist? -Basic Guide

The first thing you should keep in mind to tell the difference between hardware and software is the definition of each . So, so very briefly will discuss these elements that are present in our computers.


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When it comes to hardware we refer specifically to the physical components that make up a computer , as in the case of the processor, motherboard, sound card or power source. Are those components that together make up the physical integrity of a computer.


We define software as the set of codes, programs, applications and other nonphysical factors present in our computers. Some examples of software are the BIOS, operating system, programs or video games.

Periferico mouse and keyboard

Hardware Types

Today the number of hardware is existing very extensive, anyway there are certain essential components that make up our computers, as in the case of:


The processor or CPU is responsible for perform calculation operations and analysis necessary for the operation of your computer. It is an essential part, because through it are analyzed and interpreted the instructions from the hardware and software.

It is very important that you know what to do serves and functions of the CPU , as this can help you in case you want to buy a new unit.



The motherboard is essential to the operation of our equipment, it performs the function of integrate all components of your computer. It is on the motherboard in which we connect our processor, RAM, video card and other elements that operate a computer.

The importance of the motherboard is undeniable, but know what is and what serves motherboard in its entirety, is what will allow you to choose the best motherboard for your needs.


The RAM is responsible for temporarily store information , is characterized as a type of very fast memory, is exceptional for running applications. Is a type of volatile memory, ie when cutting power data is erased.

Hard disk

The hard drives or storage are space in which data is stored in the operating system and user . Is a type of permanent memory, ie the data will be stored on your computer even when it is turned off, so is the necessary element to keep all our information.

Video Card

Many computers have graphics processors into the CPU or the motherboard, in any case other is not and where a video card is required. Plus a graphics card will enable high performance graphic level , which is essential for video games and demanding applications in this section.

If you want to extend this information, you should know what it is and what it is for a graphics card or video , an indispensable guide to learn more about this piece of your computer.

Input Devices and screen

We call input devices to all those with whom we interact directly, as the case of the mouse or keyboard . The screen is an essential element because through it all interactions between us and the computer is going.

Power Supply

The power supply is responsible for provide electricity to all components of your computer.

 Program editing software



There are many types of software, in any case point out the basic and so involved more directly in the conventional computers .


BIOS call to the system responsible for detect the components of your computer, is a kind of basic operating system that lets you control advanced and simple functions of the components of the system. It is essential for the detection and subsequent installation of components, operating systems, etc.

Operating System

The operating system is the environment in which we interact on your computer, operating system examples are Windows, Linux or Mac OS .

However, if the above information you fancy very simple, read the following guide for you to learn What they are and what types of operating systems exist . Thus better understand this essential piece of software.


The applications are all that software pre-installed on your operating system or that the user can install. They are through them that interact directly with our computers, software examples are the games Web browsers , etc.

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