What Are The Different Digital Audio Formats That Exist?

 digital audio formats that exist

The digital audio formats are those that allow us to music and various audio through our devices, such as computers or cell phones. If you want to learn more about what are the different digital audio formats that there ?, read the following.

But before we begin, it would be best to opt for any of the best free music players PC that it will be necessary to reproduce some of the formats mentioned below.

What are the different digital audio formats that exist?

We called digital audio formats all those Container multimedia that are able to store audio .. The truth is that there are many file types of digital audio

But we could organize three main categories , which are uncompressed audio formats, audio formats lossless compression audio formats and lossy compression.

uncompressed audio formats

When we speak of uncompressed audio formats, we refer to audio files that have not undergone compression processes. Which means they are usually in the higher quality possible, although its weight tends to be quite considerable.


This audio format was developed by Microsoft and IBM , enables audio recording at 44100 Hz and 16 bits. Similarly audio format is present in many distributions CD.


The AIFF format, is owned by Apple, was developed in 1988 and would become the equivalent of WAV, as it shares many similarities including its size, which is very similar. It is also a lossless widely used, essentially Apple computers.


compressed audio formats without loss

audio formats are lossless compressed file type most recommended for enthusiasts, as dynamically compressed audio files, without affecting the quality . Thanks to an audio file that lower weight is obtained, but with exceptional sound quality.


One of the most recommended if you are interested in the quality of sound, is a lossless compression format. In which files are obtained from less weight, but the quality is not compromised . No doubt FLAC is most recommended for audiophiles and lovers of good sound.


We could say that the ALAC format is equivalent to the FLAC, as they are quite similar. In any case, ALAC is a format belonging to the company Apple for which it is not free as its counterpart.

compressed audio formats with loss

So-called audio formats or lossy compression are those in which an encoding process is done to significantly reduce the size of audio files. In any case, this leads to a significant loss in quality , some of the most popular formats of this type are:


Possibly the audio format best known, MP3 is a format audio lossy compression , which was released in 1993. Its advantage is its low weight, but as an aspect negative it is fair to say that the quality of the audio is not the best.

Indeed, its weight makes it perfect for mobile devices, so it is very common. To use it, it is best to use some of the best music player with equalizer , to fully exploit this audio format.


AAC born seeking to be the replacement for MP3, is also a lossy compression format, but in general terms the audio quality is usually higher than MP3 . The format has become popular as it is often used for distribution of digital audio from iTunes.

Indeed, the format is available on iTunes, so if you have a mobile iPhone, we recommend best app to play music and songs , which will help you play files in this format much like those mentioned in this article.

 studio Headphones


M4A is a container file, which is also used for audio files. The format is slightly better than MP3, with quite similar to AAC .


A the like M4A, Ogg is a container for digital media, which also serves to contain audio. As for the audio, commonly the codec Vorbis , a codec lossy compression is used, which some say is better than MP3.

In addition to everything mentioned above and for lovers of different audio formats, if you have problems with advertising the play music, we recommend some of best players on Android without ads, to have a much more pleasant listening.

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