How To Increase The Size Of An Image Without Losing Quality Easily

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When we digital image person or anything else with our cell, the best every time he is download to any mobile device, so you can store and edit it. However, edit an image as a professional and miss him – even is by no means its quality, is one of the most common problems on the network.

Since the different branches of working with different photo editors to improve their catch, the problem is when the picture quality is compromised to improve this image.

One of the most common situations in which Image tend to lose their quality, is when they are enlarged, so many people have chosen to seek better solutions or programs which help this situation.

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So in this post we teach, the best tools and tips that can resize your image it comes with no loss of quality own.

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Enlarge image, using SmillaEnlarger to maintain quality

Although it seems impossible, we can find on the web a wonderful tool that will help us expand our images without the need for it to lose its qualities.

We call   SmillaEnlarger,   which is a free program, completely free href = «»> and open source, we   can extend our images almost perfectly and thus fully preserve the quality   and definition images


For this task This program has a set of algorithms and filter also , which are specially designed to prevent   Typical defects that are generated in the expanding process image occur.

The function of these algorithms work so that it begins to fill in the missing information, and thus provides accordingly, expansion, it is well defined and with excellent quality.

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How It Works SmillaEnlarger

When the application starts to execute and proceed to load the image you want to edit and develop, we can use the commands that are located to the left of the interface to determine will the new image size or default photo .

If we want to have more control over the image and thus achieve more comfortably manipulate us   use the six filters are located on the right and proceed to click on   « Overview »   and so be able to verify that all the adjustments we made are correct


Once we have completed the installation, you must press the button   « Zoom and Save » and thus the image began to open, we selected

It is important to tare that controls the zoom owns the application are available for the purpose of   reach Display almost perfect and the details of all these defects that may have an image once they have been applied different filters to extension .

The application allows you to use six filters total with which you have the opportunity to change the image and size, these filters are:   Sharpen, PreSharpen, DeNoise, flatness, dithering and FracNoise .

If you have a question regarding the number of effects you can or should apply, we recommend you start by settling in full and placing the cursor in half, which obtain optimal positive results.

After this,   you subtract begin to find what is the best Connection that can provide between Filters to get optimum results and tailored to what you want for the overall image.

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