How To Install And Access Xbox Game Pass On My Pc With Windows 10?

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The arrival of one of the best catalogs of games has not gone unnoticed, and if you hear and want to Install Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 , you can help achieve this.

The Netflix of video games brings a whole repertoire of renowned products and high grade. As well as classic and others who have not left the hearts of users. With this tool, you can download and install Xbox Game Pass in Windows 10.

Best of all, is that you do not need to have the console to enjoy , since by owning the company, Microsoft offers you the opportunity to have them in any of las versions of Windows 10 .

Update Windows 10 to its latest version

The first thing to do before installing to Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10, is to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. This can be achieved in two ways, the first is accessing the configuration “ Windows Update ” from the settings section.

The same can locate it by clicking on the start menu at the bottom right, and is represented by the typical gear-shaped icon. Thus, the options available to you on a white screen, all these must access that says “ Update and Security “.

What will take you to a different section, where you can view a tab that says “ Windows Update ” that show a button that says “ Check for Updates “. There is no excuse for this, because even can upgrade Windows 10 if you do not have enough space hard drive.

The second way to upgrade the system, is the official tool by Microsoft for Windows 10, which checks for and installs new packages as a program.

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However, if the operating system is that ostentas the older versions, this tool will let you know and also tell you that “ Build ” will take

It is important that you make sure that the version that you own either the 1903 or higher, otherwise, find compatibility problems installing Windows Xbox Game Pass.

Download and install Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10

You can access many forms and download the program for enjoy full Xbox in your Windows 10. The first is through the official store of the operating system Microsoft.

It is incorporated into the system and you can find it in the search bar as “ Store “, entering just push it with the main click. the main screen of the Store, which will be on the top right icon magnifying glass, where you can enter the name of the program you want to search. appears

Let’s use it to locate the application in Windows Xbox Game Pass, writing his name and consistently pressing the “ Enter ” button.

In this way, we find as a result the program in question, you must select the click and then play “ Get ” to install it on your computer. The second way to have the Xbox Game Pass in Windows is via a quick search on the web browser.

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inquiry that will lead us to the official website console, where you can see a statement that says “ Xbox Game Pass for PC ” and, below, a button that says “ Join now

A pressing on it, the page will redirect to another section, in which you will visualize a preview of how the application is from a computer screen.

In turn, on the right side will have a list of benefits or benefits that this brings, and on top, a button indicating the price to pay to join the beta.

When you choose this option, will take you to a screen logon Microsoft, then take the payment methods, choosing which you’ll use to cancel and so download and install the application on your computer.

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