How To Install Or Run Free Android Apps On Mac Pcs?

 Run Android apps on PCs Mac

MacOS operating system present in Mac computers is Apple computers. If you wonder how to install or run free Android apps on Mac PCs? It has come to the right place, because here we will guide you so you can use your favorite applications platform Google your computer Mac .

The Mac computers are mainly known for its great features and applications, so they are one of the tools used by graphic designers and content creators. It could also be very convenient to run Android apps on your computer, so stay and read carefully the following information.

As previously noted, this tutorial is designed for Mac computers, but you can also download the latest version of Bluestacks Android emulator for use on PC. To continue the guide Mac, read on.

Android emulators for Mac

To use applications from other platforms or gaming use a tool called emulator. A emulators a program that simulates the conditions of another platform, allowing us to use their applications or games on other devices.

There are several very efficient emulators to use Android applications, in any case the vast majority are not present in MacOS. is why we have prepared a guide for you know those programs that allow you to use Android apps on Mac.

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How to install or run free Android apps on Mac PCs?

If you want to run Android apps on your macOS operating system, you must download an emulator, understanding this we prepared a list of some of the best emulators that exist and are compatible with a Mac computer.


Bluestacks is one of the most popular emulators Android , runs on multiple platforms among which are Windows and of course macOS. One of the most interesting aspects of the Bluestacks application is that it is designed precisely to function as a computer application.

What does the above? While the application is undeniably an emulator, the truth is that is worked so that looks like a desktop application over . This greatly facilitates its use for computer users of both Windows and MacOS.

If you have the MacOS, we recommend install Android Apps on Mac with BlueStacks . Install it and start to use Android apps on your Mac computer.


While Bluestacks is an outstanding application that can run the vast majority of Android applications, the truth is that your changes make the experience not so similar to Android . It is for this reason that many people seek elective closer to the experience of the operating system Google.

If you’re looking for a very close experience to have a tablet or a cell, then Nox is one of the best options for run Android apps on your Mac . You can download the application directly from your website . Just select the Mac version and download it to start using it.

Nox show a very similar interface to an Android device, where you can access your favorite applications and of course the Play Store. Similarly, if you want to play , you can do so from Nox very easily.

 Mobile Applications


In case you want an application much simpler but complies equally with all that is required for an application of this kind, Andy could be a great option both PC users and Mac .

One of the most interesting points Andy is that it works efficiently and fairly is one of the lightest emulators that exist today. Fortunately there are versions of the application for both Windows and MacOS platforms.

If you want to download this application may do so via the following link selecting the appropriate version for your operating system can use macOS Android Apps easily on your Apple computer.

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