How To Know The Age Or Date Of Manufacture Of My Computer Windows Or Mac? -Quick And Easy

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Today teach you some methods you can use to know the age or date of manufacture of my computer Windows or Mac quickly and easily.

As you know, knowing this information lets us know what to do and what not to in case of a system failure. Because the actions we do henceforth depend on the serial number of our team.

How to know the age or date of manufacture Windows or Mac my computer? -Fast and Easy

A computer is a set of software and hardware that as everything has an expiration date so we must be cautious and replace parts and components at the indicated time, know in detail:

  • Technical Support
  • Application warranty
  • Administrative Control
  • Compatibility of new applications

Now, let’s see how knowing this information on our computer.

How to know the age or date of manufacture of my computer Windows

There are several methods you can apply for know the exact age of your computer Windows . Some of them are a little more accurate than others. You the detail below.

black information display

From the BIOS

To start you open the terminal command so we will enter Run. For this, as press together the Wind + R.

In the text box that opened writes CMD and then click OK or press Enter.

In the new interface type the command systeminfo on the second line in C: \ Users \ €€€ & gt ;. This means you should stay as follows:

C: \ Users \ €€€ & gt; systeminfo

Click Enter and wait for it to finish loading all data. A list is displayed with all the information of our PC. There looking Date of original installation.

Either use the systeminfo | “original” find/i. In this way, you leave aside the long list and you will see only the information you were looking for.

have a MacBook and want to access the BIOS may be somewhat different from any other computer use Windows operating system

From the Start menu of Windows 10

To do begin pressing the Wind From there he entered Administrative Tools & gt Windows.; System Information .

This will open a screen where you have all the information in your computer. From the menu on the left you position yourself on the system summary. In the list you have to your right, look for version and BIOS date.

 windows page information

From Powershell

To do this we must look Powershell from the Windows Start menu. Open to view the panel.

Now in the opened interface type ([WMI] “”) ConvertToDateTime ((Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem) .InstallDate) being as follows:.

PS C: \ Users \ €€€ & gt; ([WMI] ”). ConvertToDateTime ((Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem). InstallDate)

Click Enter. will return the information you were looking for.

From the Windows PowerShell can see even programs which have installed on your computer.

How to know the age or date of manufacture of my computer Mac

We will tell you about the different methods you can use to know the date of creation, model, version, and serial number of your Mac computer. All of them are very simple to perform. Let’s see being treated.

On the surface of the product

All Mac computers have a small label on the back that tells us the age, make, model and serial number of the computer with which we have.

In iTunes

If you have your Mac computer synchronized with iTunes You can find this information by logging into the app with your data ID and password and in Summary to view the information you’re looking for.

You can also see from the same section provides information on CDN, IMEI/MEID and ICCI , either to your computer or iPhone device. Because the methodology is the same for operating systems MacOS and iOS.

From the packaging

You can see all the information about your Mac computer billing you have in the package. Must have the serial number, comprised of an alphanumeric code, the date of creation, model and other technical specifications.

We hope this article has been helpful. Remember that if you have any questions about Get to know the age or date of manufacture of my computer Windows or Mac You can leave it in the comments so we can help.

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