How To Know If My Pc Has A Virus Or Is Being Hacked, Intervened

multiple devices over the desktop, laptop and PC are on.

Have you ever wondered … as I know if my PC has a virus is hacked or taken over ..? In this article give you the information you need to quickly and easily to safeguard your computer from these threats.

How to know if my PC has a virus or is being hacked, intervened

It is important to know what to do, because in our home computer much (if not all) of personal data and passwords we use to bank accounts and transactions post . But before we will inform you of the symptoms to suspect that your PC has a virus or is taken over.

10 symptoms that indicate if your PC has a virus or is hacked

  • If your computer running slower than usual.
  • A firing your notes computer startup processes are outrageously slow even going into Windows as about 5 minutes, is already worrying.
  • You are online and see that your browser automatically redirects you to pages that you did not request.
  • Another thing is to see that you open a number of popup constantly, usually, is advertising. Although there are indeed websites with this kind of ads, which may worry us is whether the ads are excessive. Although there are ways to disable or block these windows.
  • If opening your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) and suddenly new toolbars notes with new buttons have not included, it is an indication.
  • appearing error messages indicating that a file can not be deleted.

error messages as if the pc was operated

  • If you are working in a program and closes unexpectedly on a regular basis.
  • You start to notice that certain photos can not be seen, can not open other documents, then your files are corrupted, so it is a strong suspicion that is Hacked .
  • To enter see the internet in the browser is a search engine usually different from the one you use, and does not show you the default you had.
  • If you start windows appear constant notifying errors Windows system file.

If analyzing all this data has been presented you any symptoms, it is likely that your PC has a virus, it has been hacked or taken over by external entities. Although viruses usually are more subtle when entering the team. Even may stay in the starting system, they are called boot virus and can be removed .

Method without antivirus to remove the virus from the PC

  • If you’re in Windows, go to Start and the line Search type “ cmd ” and then Enter, another option is to write a “symbol of the system.” A black background window opens, ready for you to write the list of commands CMD.
  • Transcribe this command: “ netstat -noa ” and then the Enter key. This instruction allows you to discover if there is any connection that is being used by a virus.
  • You’ll focus on remote IP addresses, whose status is “ established ” (Indicates that a process is implemented in the system, consuming resources connectivity).
  • Open web page “” Pinchas search IP and go to paste or type the remote IP address with state “established” press “for details ip”. Note: Do not write the numbers after the colon (:).
  • It will show the origin of the IP address, if it comes from recognized an organization … etc.
  • Another way is to write down the “ pid ” (unique code for each process).
  • You’re going to Start and open the task manager, the services tab.
  • Compare the “pid” with the “pid” that will reflect the task manager. In this way, we will discover who is behind it.

Logo Windows protection against viruses and hacking

With external help to prevent your pc are seized or hacked

You can go to the spydetectfree tool is a detector spyware free. Automatically detects, is downloaded to the page. Another excellent antivirus is the anti-malwarebytes, is free, helps prevent or eradicate virus. As you noted, we have many tools like firewall, antivirus, anti spyware and anti spam protect our PC

This part of the article and you will be informed if your PC has virus is hacked or tapped. If you have been helpful, please send your comments or questions to continue providing more information. Helping users add more knowledgeable and armored computers.

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