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Technology has opened new avenues for many people in the field work, recreation, and more, to the point that gave birth to new lifestyles worldwide. Whether you like to be on your phone all day, be addicted to the most popular social networks or a big fan of game , you must thank not only the existing technology, but also the people behind.

Each part of current technology exists because the people who took the job at program every little aspect of it for it to function properly. With the latter in mind it should be noted that the program was able to give rise to much of what we know today.

What tools used for cartoons and animated picture different or movies or how electronic music is made; everywhere we go the programming will always be behind every little modern device or program that we use to make us easier or more interesting life.

However, many see programming as something quite difficult to learning , with a university degree in order to give support, but the reality is very different. Today, can learn programming via   mobile and through different tools, whether educational books, online tutorials and lines of code and tests to refine our creative process.

And, to help those who need or want to program, it is , a very interesting organization for many teachers or people who want to start programming. So if you are interested in starting a program or to show other people, such as children, the program, simply go to, and everything for you.

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Given that each time, the work of a programmer is becoming increasingly important and the work continues to grow as a result, has work done less stigma or the stereotypes. These same stereotypes have been slowly breaking down as time passes and more and more people want to program.

And, as one of the most important forces behind the propagation process education programming is is a non-profit organization which aims to provide the tools for each teacher, parents, the school or the person so they can learn more about programming from a base level or to be able to teach.

It is quite interesting, to the point where many schools around the world have begun to implement the hardware that provides with his students, making it the birth of a new generation of programmers.

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How can I learn

Since its inception, had as one of its main objectives to provide all the equipment required for teaching and learning about programming. For this, they created a lot of different courses, which result in a lot of different languages, including Spanish.

So if you want to know how you can start education process, simply go to the home page, open an account and see for yourself all the way they have. Course Everyone is totally free, because it is a non-profit organization, so not having to worry about your door – currency, to learn.

The courses have everything for you, but if not enough, they have many projects to learn about programming, including videos YouTube through which we talk about robotics and even video games, ending with a rather important content.

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