Lowering The Temperature Of My Pc Processor Without Programs From The Bios


All electronic equipment usually generates heat, and this is because of all its components, which having transformed into heat energy. For example, desktop computers and laptops, give off heat and mostly in their processor, but a high temperature could affect the system. That’s why we will teach you to as lowering the temperature of the processor in your PC using BIOS step by step.

But before we explain how to check the temperature of your computer and at the same time as a control, not to affect the computer system.

Check the temperature of your CPU

For your computer have two options, the first by a program and the second through the BIOS setup.

Checking the temperature via a Software

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Both Intel and AMD have become the producing over CPU in the world, offering monitoring software for their products. To know the temperature of your computer using a program is good, as is Core Temp, here’s how to use it.

  • Download and install the application on your computer. & Nbsp;
  • When you exit the Setup box-Core Temp, you should uncheck the box that says Goodgame Empire .

  • A installing this program Core Temp will open a help document with detailed instructions.

  • After the installation open Core Temp and pay attention to the window at the bottom where it says» core # 0″ this will depend on the amount of core having your PC.

  • The program shows in order from left to right four criteria on the temperature of each core as follows:


  1. temperature.
  2. Minimum temperature recorded.

  3. maximum temperature recorded.

  4. Percent Load current activity.

high temperature computer

So this way a program can check the temperature that has your computer in real time and avoid overheating.

Check the temperature of the computer in the BIOS

The basic input and output system (BIOS) is the operating system reserved area that contains the firmware configuration. In modern computers with Windows 10 operating system, the BIOS has been replaced by equivalent (UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). & Nbsp;

To enter the UEFI/BIOS must take the following steps to can check the temperature using the same computer operating system.

  1. Click» start», is the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen.

  2. Now click «Reset» . And before you start the computer so constantly press the «Esc» «Delete» or «F2» keys This will restart the computer and display a variety of configurations.

  3. You choose «Troubleshooter» followed by «Advanced Options».

  4. Once completed the previous step will press the» configuring UEFI firmware» option and press «Reset».

  5. During this process all activity stops you are performing because the computer will be restarted. And you’ll only see a snapshot information CPU optimization using BIOS.

Alternatives to lower the temperature of the computer from Windows 10

Earlier we talked about how to know the temperature and how level it, now we show that other steps can you take to control the temperature of the PC.

  • Reduce the performance of the laptop or desktop.

improving the power system pc

  1. Enter the Windows search engine and type in « Edit power plan » .
  2. Then a window will» change the settings: Balanced.»

  3. Now press the » change advanced power settings.»
  4. You will get a window that says «Power Options.»

  5. You look for the «Processor Power Management» option and click on it.

  6. Now make sure that the minimum
  7. load and maximum load is between the values ​​of 5% and 100%.

  8. We advise reduce the maximum load in 80% option to lower the intensity of operation of the processor.

  • Improve computer chassis.

This option must ensure that PC ventilation is fulfilling its task , and that this somehow does not obstruct heat output. We recommend this exit keep clean all equipment to be not affected the entire operating system.

We finished this educational article that aims to expand their knowledge of information technology and maintaining your computer.

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