How Do You Know Or Measure The Temperature Of The Cpu Of My Computer In Windows, Linux And Macos?

Our computers require constant care, be on the pending status it is important, which is why we’ll help you How do you know or measure the temperature of the CPU of my computer on Windows, Linux and MacOS?

Why is it important to know the temperatures of the CPU?

certainly have a temperature control of your computer is especially important to avoid failures in the long run. If you feel your team is very noisy or work inefficiently, you could have temperature problems .

The CPU is one component that can be more affected by high temperatures. Given this it is best to use a software with which to observe temperature and then cooling improve your PC reduce high temperatures. Through the following tutorial we will teach you to check your temperatures Windows and Linux and MacOS.

 CPU socket

How to know or measure the temperature of the CPU of my computer in Windows, Linux and MacOS?

Measures like to overclock your CPU to improve performance are excellent for a performance outstanding. Still temperature can become a big problem to use these methods.

The truth is that no matter what operating system you use, the temperatures of the CPU are something you should take into account. If these figures reach too high, the integrity of your equipment may be affected, which is why you should control them periodically.


Windows is the operating system of Microsoft company and also serves as the most popular on desktop computers. If you want view your CPU temperatures through Windows , read the following guide:

  1. In the case of Windows 10 have it easy because we just download the Open Hardware Monitor tool, which works very efficiently to measure the temperatures of all our components, including the CPU.
  2. To download the application please contact the official website Open Hardware Monitor , to which you can access via the following address OHM .
  3. Go to the Downloads section and click on Download Now.
  4. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, unzip and run the program.
  5. Chances are that the Windows system will ask for confirmation at the time of starting, just click on the OK option. Sometimes the application starts in the toolbar, press double click on it to see the temperature of your computer.
  6. With Open Hardware Monitor temperatures of all components are displayed , including all your CPU cores. Likewise it is also useful to see temperatures of the graphics card, hard drives, and even RAM memories.
  7. Also for the Windows operating system an excellent alternative is to use a specific tool to monitor playing, therefore we recommend download MSI Afterburner . In any case everything else for Open Hardware Monitor will be perfect.

     Measure CPU temperature Windows


    Linux is the free operating system par excellence, is very complete and it can perform multiple tasks both casual and professional. For temperatures of your computer and specifically its CPU on Linux , follow these steps:

    1. In the case of Linux, the best thing is to get the Psensor, which can be obtained through the Download Center present in operating systems such as Ubuntu.
    2. Click on the Start button, then go to the section Ubuntu Software Center .
    3. At the top of the screen you will find the search bar, there would type the following “psensor”. Once you perform the search screen should appear on the program, just click on the install option to get it.
    4. Go to the beginning and then to the Tools section of the system and run the Psensor application.
    5. The display should show so clear your CPU temperatures, including all cores of the same.
    6. MacOS

      MacOS is the Apple operating system , is the favorite of graphic designers and content creators. If you want to evaluate the temperatures of your computer, it is best to follow this guide:

      1. In the case of MacOS, we have a tool designed precisely to assess temperatures computer, just as also accede to those of the CPU. For this we will use the iStatMenus, tool that can be purchased at the following link iStatMenus Official Site .
      2. One of the features of this tool is that shows very detailed so the temperatures of all components of your computer . Which is especially useful for keeping track of it.
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