How To Modify The Reserved Space For The Recycle Bin

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El espacio de almacenamiento dentro de una computadora are an important aspecto of sumamente the same. Beyond the obvious fact that if you occupy too much space, you will not have enough new things to download to a computer; There is also the fact that the computer is idle using a program that takes memory, it also becomes less reliable than the entire file.

And to control this, each computer comes with a very effective tool: the trash. With a basket, you can afford the luxury to delete a lot of files . All these files are unusable, such as images or videos that you have uploaded does not use or you will never use, can go directly to the Bin recycling .

And also through the basket gives you the luxury to restore what you deleted. Many times we accidentally delete something, but when it does, we can go to the basket and restore it to its original place. When have the ability to permanently delete files in trash .

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Fortunately, the current Windows system is thought to user experience and how to make life much easier and more practical experience.

It is for this reason that the Windows Recycle Bin has also become more comfortable to use, the point of having an option to assign a specific space in your hard drive. That’s why it is considered important that know the size you have the Recycle Bin on your desktop .

So if you usually with very large files, or simply to better manage the number of files that may or may not end there, can easily change the placeholder to the next tutorial.

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Change Trash space

Whether you are in Windows 7, 8, 10 or another, the process for changing the space for the recycle bin is the same, and even very simple. Moreover, it is completely reversible, so if you want to change you always have the freedom to do so. To do this, you must do the following:

  • First, you need to find your way around the trash icon . You can usually find this on the system desktop and if you do not have much respect for knowledge, will form a small basket.
  • You must direct your mouse over the icon and right-click to view options. Among them, you will see the option Properties. Click it.
  • A window where you will see different options for the recycling bin to open. But for now, you must ensure that you intending to drive right space if you have several on the same computer.
  • Now, under this, you will see a field with several numbers. These figures are the space allocated to the basket in MB Simply click on it and change it as you see fit. Remember that all the 1024 MB GB . Click OK when finished.


Delete files directly

In the same options as you have shown – it can enable an option that every time you want to delete a system file , this is not going to trash but is permanently deleted.

If it is something that benefits you in some way, simply join again in the basket of properties and go to the option that says « Do not move files to Trash. Delete files directly to be removed. »

In this option, simply click on the box next and ready to activate. No need to pay more attention to the Trash and recycling of files that are in it.

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