How To Mount A Cheap Pc Gaming Pieces And Set It To Be Fast? -Step By Step

Mount cheap PC Gaming

Assemble a team can generate some doubts for novice users, but we will indicate how to mount a PC Gaming cheap pieces and set it Quick is? -Step by Step


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How to mount a cheap PC Gaming pieces and set it to be fast?

Not the same have a computer designed for competitive games, such as Fortnite or Counter Strike , to go by AAA games. The truth is that you can build a cheap gaming computer if you are mainly interested in playing competitive games and do not worry too much about the graphics.

On the other hand if your interest is the graphics and the most demanding games, the truth is that inevitably have to spend more money.

Currently you can assemble a equipment for competitive games and the gaming not focused on graphics ultra realistic at affordable prices, which with 300 € or 400 € can arm yourself something decent to have a good time.

We believe that being in a middle point would be best, for this reason for choosing our parts precisely the thinking decided to strike a balance between price and benefits.

 Mount PC gaming pieces

The choice of components

No doubt much more beneficial to buy the parts of a computer and then join him, to purchase an armed computer. The truth is that most shops that assemble equipment, these prices increase considerably, so the first point is just buying the parts separately.

AMD or Intel

Today for the gaming world, AMD is the best choice for the casual gamer and want to save some money. It is for this reason that we consider the AMD to this process, your choice will depend clearly just pretend money you spend on Build.

In any case, if you still have doubts, it is important to know the differences between Intel and AMD processors to determine which one is best for you.



The choice of motherboard can be somewhat complicated, it is best to educate themselves a bit in relation to this. In any case today most motherboards are quite efficient in any case we recommend brands such as ASROCK or ASUS .

Depending on the price you intend to pay, you can count on motherboards that have capacity for 2 or 4 sockets RAM, but keep in mind that the second option may be more expensive. Similarly other extra options on motherboards can increase their price.

While there are many models, we recommend similar models to the Board ASROCK B450m Pro4 , motherboard that has a very competitive price and excellent performance . Still, buying new B550 models would be ideal (only if you are willing to spend some more).

In any case, as the choice is personal, it is very important to know what is and what is the motherboard as this will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs


The processor is very important for video games, today we recommend not getting a team with less than 4 cores, in fact recommend investment for 6-core processor.

We know that the basic choice today is the Ryzen 3600, but could be costly for some, on the other hand we have the Ryzen 1600 processor of the first generation of AM4, but has excellent performance and 6 cores. Yet Ryzen options like 1200 might be enough for casual players.

Indeed, these two processors and our third mention are very good, but as we have noted before, it is best to always be on both what they are and what they CPU, because knowing these details, you can choose more easily.

 PC Gaming

Graphics card

The graphics card is very important to achieve a positive performance in our games, but can become quite costly. Still there are a few interesting options, among which we can not ignore the 1650 GTX Super , an excellent graphics card low power consumption and excellent performance.

Please note that some versions require a connection to 6 pin on your power supply.

Memory Ram

Regarding RAM, 8Gb and are considered very fair, so you recommend going by 16Gb for optimal performance. Similarly seeks to get cards that are compatible with your motherboard and high frequencies as possible.

The above are the basic components, and for the rest of the assembly can take certain licenses , we assure you that putting together a team with the features mentioned above, you’ll get an excellent saving you option some money.

After making the appropriate choices, you must start the assembly. For it can be oriented with our guide to mount a computer parts and set . Do not worry, it’s not a complicated process, even if it requires some patience

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