How To Move Or Control The Mouse Pointer Using The Numeric Keypad?

 Move pointer with numeric keypad

One of the most useful tools for Windows users is the mouse or mouse. With this device you can access different items and comfortably use the system interface. If you ask How to move and control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad? This article is for you.

How to move and control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad?

Windows 10 has a native function that supports the use of the mouse. Thank you to the options presented by the Accessibility Center , you can manage and control the mouse pointer from the keyboard to avoid difficulties when the mouse is defective or deteriorated.

Here we present all the information you need to know about Mouse cursor and a method for managing this tool from the keyboard.

What you mouse pointer?

The mouse pointer is an identifier that locates the computer components to select the applications for access and activate functions of the operating system. This tool is activated immediately when the user connects the device “mouse” on the computer.

In fact, it is customizable and can change the mouse pointer and put the sound in Windows 10 to your liking by changing other options for this function in the system.

 Move the mouse to the keyboard

What is the mouse?

mouse is a peripheral device that must remain connected to the computer wirelessly or via USB. You can perform multiple actions with mouse functions such as access to a program, browse files, close windows and move them through a combination of keys.

What is the mouse?

The mouse or mouse is used to perform various operations on the operating system based on the movement of a cursor or pointer at will of the user.

This is all done through the mouse movements, but be aware of the capacity, it is convenient know the DPI sensitivity his mouse, because with Windows functions and mouse, which can be configured.

Procedure to move or control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad

Sometimes the mouse does not respond to what we do on a physical surface, so it is necessary to use an effective and viable alternative. In this case, the keyboard can help us solve this problem.

This action is also useful if you have engine problems tower we recommend change the color of the cursor of the mouse to more easily see if it’s hard to do.

control the mouse pointer with the numeric keypad

Windows 10 has a function Accessibility named mouse buttons that allows you to move the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad. To enable this feature, you must go to the Start menu and select “Control Panel. “Then select” Accessibility ” and” Ease of Access Center. “

When you enter the center of accessibility must choose “To facilitate the use of the mouse.” It is the “mouse control with the keyboard. “ Then select” Enable mouse buttons ” and finally click” Apply Changes “.

Logitech marks the mouse

Define mouse button

You can manage Mouse Keys to make a series of adjustments in order to define the abstract method keyboard, pointer speed, adjust the speed and press the keyboard control NumLock.

Check the operation of the keyboard

When you have made the necessary settings, you can check if the pointer is working properly at the press the number keys . For example, pressing key 2 and 8, the pointer can move vertically, whereas the 4 and 6 keys to mobilize the cursor horizontally.

Moving the mouse pointer with the numeric keypad

If you turn the mouse with Keyboard , you can move the cursor to the left with the 4 key and right by pressing 6. With 2 slides touch the pointer down while button 8 donate above. Finally, the 1, 3, 7 and 9 move the cursor diagonally.

With the information above, you can enable this feature if you do something you should know not have a mouse or can not use it without a doubt. In turn, note that if you have problems instead with the keyboard, you can also enable the virtual keyboard on the PC screen very easily.

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