Opening My Favorite Websites With Keyboard Shortcuts Easily

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is currently very fashionable, operations that allow us to Save time and monotonous work that way reversing more profitable. That’s why we have implemented the use of so-called shortcuts keyboard. Not only do we use in our operating systems, but also in our browsers. It is why we teach you How to open my favorite sites with hotkeys easily.

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Browsers that we use every day, we allow a infinity of functions and among them is the most common web pages saving them. So you can still access them without any problems. But if there are many pages you have saved, you can lose time looking you want to make the page you want.

Then we can create a key combination that allows us to easily access this page I always visit. We have already discussed in previous articles, where we show the best combinations or keyboard shortcut Windows and Mac OS.

How to open my favorite sites easily with keyboard shortcuts

Seek keyboard shortcuts so called, as we have seen, help us abbreviate many tasks and not rely on the use of the mouse. in the words of text editor is very practical and has a huge amount of different combinations for some functions. Now let’s see how we can use it to open my favorite sites simply.

As you know, there are apps for everything and websites use extensions or add-ons to perform a specific task. And supposedly it is one that can add this feature for your search engine sites. But in this case, we use it, because we can open our favorite sites with hotkeys easily.

Then just follow to the letter the instructions below you will show first and place your browser, no matter where it is. Next, open the Web page you want to save as a favorite. Remember that we will use a combination of keys to associate with Location you chose.

Steps to open my favorite sites with hotkeys easily

After the tutorial, we’re on the page you want to save, and then position ourselves the mouse cursor on the padlock icon. It is located on the left side bar of addresses and displays safe. In the position on this icon a message View information website appears.

There are sites that do not have this security certificate instead an icon should appear in the letter (i) stuck in a circle. In both cases, you need to click on the icons, and drag the window to the center of our office. The next step is to   right Click and select Options Properties


This will take us   the properties window and see different tabs but enter Web document . we find here the URL of the site and as it will see an empty field. This document must indicate the hotkey or keyboard shortcut method, we now use to open this site in no time.

For example put the letter Y, and Cundo are in the browser and press the button once the page you want to keep this instruction will open. Know that default is a key combination in this case would Ctrl + Alt + Y . but you simply touch the button (Y) and the search begins.


This procedure it – even can do with other websites, such as YouTube and so you have the type of immediate access and a single key. Thus we come to the end of this tutorial you specified the steps to open my favorite sites keyboard shortcuts easily.

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