Pasta Like: What Is And What Is It? Its Function, Types And How To Replace Your Pc

 thermal paste is

Perform maintenance computers, is an activity that goes through different phases. Each of the parts that makes up your computer requires special attention.

It is not enough only to make a surface cleaning inside your CPU, or make a clean files and malwares that may be in your system for optimize the performance of your computer , you must be attentive to detail.

What it is the thermal paste?

One of the important aspects when performing the preventive maintenance your computer, is related to use thermal paste .

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 thermal grease

The thermal paste is a substance that serves as a heat conductor. Liquid is thick, metallic color. Use computers is quite popular and usually tends to be low cost and easy access at any electronics store.

What is the thermal paste?

This substance serves as a conductor of heat between various components or parts, despite not maintain a direct connection, are very close to each other.

While these parts or components remain in operation, generate heat, and in the absence of thermal paste between components overheating could cause significant damage .

thermal paste function

is very important application of thermal grease on some metal surfaces of the computer and thus prolong the lifetime of the parts that comprise it.

 of thermal paste

  • It is very common use between processor sink , routing so effectively the heat produced by the first element to the second.
  • Thus, metal surfaces not endure both high temperature caused by operation.
  • direct heat as a component of the processor to the heatsink, allow fans of this second element, expel heat to the outside of the computer.

Types of thermal paste

The market can get an interesting variety of this substance, because the elements providing components for the thermal paste. Among them they are:

  • Pasta thermal metal : Although usually the most expensive, is also the best and most popular. Has components based on silicone and aluminum or silver, which enhances the ability of heat conduction.
  • Pasta ceramic thermal : A the same as the metal, of a silicon base, but this time, the second element is ceramic powder. It is something more basic and less expensive, although its use is not recommended on computers.
  • Silicon : This is the lowest range in thermal paste is concerned, and although it can fulfill its work heat dissipation processor graphics card or video, its use is less desirable than the thermal grease ceramic.

Replacing thermal paste

Once you’ve acquired the thermal paste make this type ideal for keeping your computer, you must comply with some instructions:

  1. The first thing to do is turn off and unplug your computer so that there is no active current source.
  2. Proceed to unscrew sink your computer for removal, so you can work on the processor.
  3. Try locating any object that can serve as plastic spatula to remove the old thermal paste. It is important that under no circumstances use anything metal you can get to scratch the surface.
  4. Get a handkerchief not leave fibers for debris removal of the thermal paste that could not be removed with the plastic object. Could dampen the handkerchief with isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Put a drop of thermal paste on processor . One of the most popular methods of application indicates that the droplet size must be equal to that of a pea or pea medium.
  6. Try that, lifting the syringe thermal grease, can use a paper or cloth to prevent threads forming this substance might fall on another metal component of the computer.
  7. Start Join sink and gradually the rest of the components.
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