How To Schedule Automatic Emptying The Recycle Bin


There are certain applications or programs that perform work on our personal computers that goes unnoticed, which is the case of the basket where they throw all kinds of files, but not permanently deleted from our team. In the following article, we’ll show you a trick that allows you to  . Automatic planning empty the Trash

bin empty

But because the Recycle Bin does not delete files sent there because for the simple reason that want to recover later. But there is a problem is that, as we add file to the trash will occupy disk space that we need. So every so often we cleaning or emptying the trash .

But it would help if could Automatic calendar empty the Trash and so we will grant monitoring of this application. And the surprise is that if there is an easy way to do it and I’ll explain. As we explain that the basket is allocated a space or size.

How to automatically program empty the trash

So to do this, we will create a task that will save us from being aware of the trash to the dump back and reclaim disk space. But it would be good too   that space bin available. And the first thing we will do is type in the search box Windows Task Scheduler.

Then you press Enter, you see a window, it will put us on the left side and find Task Scheduler Library appears. We select and right-click to display a menu and select New Folder. Colócale a name for this folder and scroll to that folder and right click and select Create a task.

Now you will show Create a task and he can see several tabs, the General tab, you can continue to add data to create the task. Name by going to place the automatic instance emptying the trash or recycle something. The next step is to go to the trigger and then you click New .

Options to set the automatic emptying the trash

In this window, you can see that we offer a lot of options to configure empty the trash. Can see the characteristics Once, daily, weekly, monthly, which is the option we recommend, but it depends on user needs. We can also set a specific date week month day, etc.

Once you have noticed that now want the task, is designed to automatically empty the trash , you must click on the OK option. The next step is to go to the Actions tab and click the New option &NBSP. In the field program or script that you write the following cmd.exe.

And in addition arguments must field (optional) written/c “Echo | PowerShell.exe -noprofile -Command Clear-RecycleBin” and click OK to make the choice. Then you click Done in the open windows and therefore the task you just created with the settings you gave is recorded.

dump all

In this way, we did or scheduled automatic emptying the Trash and the date we set. If we want to change the date to another, we can do it by following the steps we’ve discussed here. See how easy it is to make adjustments in our PC when we know what we must do.

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