Putting The Uwp Windows Applications In Full Screen

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One of the main complaints that Windows 10 users, is the inability to place on your browser Microsoft Edge Screen full.

This action is complementary to many users, due to the great navigator’s ability to be able to carry out this task properly and fairly optimized, while the sought becomes a real torture unmanageable.

However, something that does not know everyone that Microsoft Edge is a mode in which you can put this in full screen mode on your computer All updates through that their latest version .

If you use Windows 10 a few tips, tricks and basic shortcuts that will be of great assistance in terms of the use that can give you, as is the case not knowing reinstall the browser on your PC or can – be that need to disable automatic startup of the same . However, not everyone knows and does not establish the position.

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How to use the full screen shortcuts

One of the main shortcuts you need to know is: Shift + Win + Enter , which operates exclusively in applications UWP ; you can try this particular shortcut with specific web pages in Microsoft Edge, such as Netflix, and YouTube , with which you can normally perform and practice based on these websites.

If you want to exit full screen mode , it is important to support again same shortcut, which is automatically you can cancel the original option and the display returns to normal

Another option that you can do is move the mouse to the right at the top right of your screen , then you have to wait a few seconds and see how the title bar peeped and therefore you will see the exit button to full screen, which you can click on it and everything was ready again.

You may notice that when the application is in full, it continues to meet all the slides gestures to do.

On this basis, the two forms of gestures when you drag, they will see a smooth and normal, and the application in the system.

Inside Edge, for example, have the ability to drag to the left to enter the following pages or even those pre bar History .

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Full Screen in Windows 10 for UWP

If you use the screen mode Full Windows 10 with UWP applications opinion that more the sight when using the full screen is integrated into the application.

In addition, full screen that provides easy access to the taskbar, if you move the mouse, right down to your screen .

However, you should remember that desktop applications such as Chrome, have their own full-screen mode that is built, however, it allows you to not access the taskbar.

And if it seems an excellent idea of ​​daily use, full-screen mode, a disadvantages , like failure with some UWP applications, so it is a risk that you can not have more than one application of your session to full screen, or can slip between them.

A’ve never came into full screen of a UWP application under Windows 10 , it does not come integrated with a warning in the screen that warn us of everything happening with the system

Also, full screen mode can not be canceled by pressing the ESC key, which is an old feature that is adapted to different operating systems.

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