Putting The Two Points Or Umlaut Over The Letter U With Keyboard

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The umlaut “¨” is one of the signs spelling wider use within the Germanic languages. It is especially used by those Language German and also, in the romance languages ​​such as the Spanish.

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Putting the colon or Dieresis over the letter U with keyboard

The symbol itself consists of two umlaut that lie horizontally on top of a vowel either upper or lower case. Its appearance is as follows: “a, e, i, o, u, y; Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü, and “.

It is known that in the languages ​​ Germanic , its use is normalized in order to emphasize a change in the sound of it, is seen or heard as a separation in the pronunciation of vowels. Such separation applies equally to the Romance languages.

In the case of the Spanish, except, the umlaut is used in order to reduce the syllables it was and gui, all this in order to allow the pronunciation is much smoother and understandable. In foreign languages, it is common to find the umlaut within proper names.

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How to remove the umlaut using the ASCII code?

One way in which you can put the umlaut in your voice is your keyboard and support ASCII code . This code is activated using a combination of alternate keys or failing of the next “ Alt ” key with a code of two or three digits in general.

To take an “a” with a umlaut , you must start by pressing the “ Alt ” and consecutively press on the numeric keypad type the number “< strong> 132 “a time have entered the combination digital release the key” Alt “and you will see the umlaut over the letter selected.

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How put the umlaut using Mac?

Within the website you can find different methods with which you can get the umlaut without complicate much action maybe prove tedious. An excellent choice to enter this symbol is doing it from a text editor into your Mac keyboard Spanish as Pages or TextEdit .

Once inside them, you proceed to create a document again, where you write the letter to which you want to place said umlauts, so often you will see a submenu that appear next to the letter and the will see the different ways in which they can express such letters in different ways, this should chance to choose the letter you have already put the umlaut “ Ä “.

Another way in which you can put the umlaut over vowels those that need is using the “ Option + u ” on your keyboard Mac .


This is a simple process by which you just hold down the key “ ” into your Mac and after this, press that letter or Voice and once pressed, you must release both keys and write normally, there will see the option to stay active with this letter and not have to constantly press to activate or deactivate it. Notably, you can also do this by your keyboard Spanish Windows .

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What is the importance of the ASCII code?

This is basically known as a code base, as is extremely important because without place or can not select different symbols necessary for our writing and writing. Although we do not know, daily use this code without even knowing it.

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This is because each computer system owns one way or another. However, it may not memorize all the combination and others, for that reason on the web, you will find hundreds of pages which provide you the extensive list which can find the symbol Tato looking for.

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