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The at symbol is a widely used symbol, when creating an email or e-mail, also on Twitter or Instagram, among other platforms. Even so, sometimes when we are going to write at, it is likely that where the keyboard indicates that the symbol is, it is not exactly the key that will work for it. For this reason, we will explain how to put or write at with the keyboard.

Learn how to enter or type at with the keyboard

Although the keyboard of our equipment tells us where the at sign is, it is likely that the keyboard is configured in a different way and, instead of the key indicated with ‘@’, we must press a different key.

If you have trouble finding the correct key, don’t worry, we’ll tell you right away how to put the at symbol on the PC regardless of its configuration.

How to type at on the keyboard

  • Most keyboards work in a similar way. To be able to place or write at, we would have to press the combination of keys Alt Gr + 2 (@).
  • However, this key combination may not work, having to resort to another.
  • In case the previous key combination does not allow to place the at sign, you can try to perform the combination AltGr + Q; on some keyboards, especially laptop keyboards, this is the usual combination.
  • If for any reason none of the above alternatives works for you and you are unable to write the at sign, there is no need to worry, because you can still resort to other options. You can try to perform the combination Alt + 6 + 4 (these numbers would be pressed on the numeric keyboard, located to the right of the keyboard).
  • In case you have a Mac, to type the at sign you can press the key combination Option + G, or Shift + 2 (@).
  • @ on the keyboard
  • On the other hand, putting the at sign is a very basic function.In fact, you can do much more, including writing emojis and emoticons with the keyboard, a very relevant function today, since these small drawings are part of the casual communication of the Day day.
@ en el teclado

How to put or write at with the virtual keyboard?

There may also be the situation that some keys on your keyboard do not work. If the proper keys to write the at sign do not work on your keyboard, you can use the virtual keyboard to put this symbol. To do this, you just have to follow the steps that we will give you below:

Type at with the virtual keyboard

  • First, go to the start menu of your computer and type ‘Virtual keyboard’ or ‘On-screen keyboard’. Doing this should give you the option to open the keyboard.
  • To write the at sign with this keyboard we will have to follow practically the same instructions as with a normal keyboard.
  • So, what we will have to do to put an at is to click on ‘Alt Gr’; When we do, we can see that several symbols appear, including the at sign. We select the at sign and voila, it will be placed where we are writing.
  • Mainly, the at symbol will be useful when writing email addresses. However, this symbol is also widely used in different social networks when writing the name of a user, as it is preceded by the at sign.

Other uses that can be given to this symbol would be to include both genders (masculine and feminine) in one word. An example of this would be “L @ schic @ s went to the park”; the at sign would be used to avoid writing ‘The boys and girls went to the park’.

Hacer arroba en el teclado

Make at on the keyboard
As you can see, typing or putting at with the keyboard is actually very simple and easy to do. Remember that, if any of the key combinations that can be made to type the at symbol do not work, try another of the available alternatives, or use the virtual keyboard of your computer.

Added to this, there are many other symbols that you should know how to use them, for example writing the short dash and the long dash in Word with the keyboard is almost as fundamental as using the at symbol.

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