Recording A Voice Or Audio Clip On My Pc Without Software-Easy And Fast

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available on the market a lot of voice or audio recorders. Some are applications that you can download for free on your device or PC; others have a cost. In some cases you must install and configure a USB microphone to your PC ; for a better quality recording, and can record a voice clip on PC.

Clip Recording a Voice or audio in my PC No Programs -Easy and Fast

Voice messages are certainly the easiest way to communicate and immediate; compared to the time we invested in writing texts. On mobile devices, it is very common record and send voice messages in WhatsApp ; or even send tweets voice or voice memos on Twitter .

But computers are not left behind, well we can send voice on Facebook from PC .However, did you know that your PC has a voice recorder installed ?. That’s why we’ll show you how record a voice clip or audio on your PC without programs. Also, you know what you need to record a voice or audio clip in Windows 10, and how to interact with the Voice or audio recorder in Windows 10.

How can record a voice clip or audio on your PC without software ?

It is likely that some have an opportunity had in your hands a device to record voice in MP3 files. Thanks to advances in technology, they have been replaced by recorder software Voice.

You may be surprised that the OS Windows, brings factory installed a tool that lets you record voice and audio; This is the “Voice Recorder” Windows.

What you need to record a voice clip or audio on your PC with Windows


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  • have installed on your PC version of Windows 8, Windows 10 or preferably
  • .

  • A microphone
  • Headsets with Microphone (optional)
  • .

How to record a voice or audio clip with Windows 10?

  • Connect the microphone to your PC, or if you already brings verifies that the sound level is suitable
  • .

  • Click the Start bar Windows, Place it on the microphone symbol, or type “Voice Recorder” or “sound recorder” in the search bar
  • Click on it, then the interface will open in the center you will see a microphone symbol in a blue circle, or a small red button
  • Start the recording process of a clip, click on the symbol recording or the red button
  • Now comes the voice recording or audio
  • Finally, Stop Recording your clip , just click stop or the red button.


How do I interact with the voice recorder or audio Windows 10?

We saw how can clip recording from start to finish, it is very easy and fast. The voice recording interface and audio Windows 10, you can interact with multiple uses such as:

  • keep track of the recording time while recording the clip, it is displayed through a visible stopwatch in the central part of the screen, where indicate the seconds, minutes and even hours.
  • At the start recording notice that the small microphone will become the sign of stop or stop, so you can pause recording and then continue it simply pressing again on the circle.


  • At the end of the clip recording automatically saves the clip . Windows 10 puts a default name, in other versions will ask where to save the file and what name you put. You can view the recording on a strip that appears on the left side of the interface, it also shows you the date, time and total duration of the recording.
  • You can listen to your recording clip simply by clicking on it, and you will discover the quality of the recording
  • .

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  • Another function is to right click on the clip recording, there a menu where you can appear: share, Delete, Rename , or open the location of the file.

Through record a voice clip or audio on my PC without software-easy and fast, now at school, uni, in office or wherever you want, you can make the most out of your voice recorder Windows 10.

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